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Britney's Performance Two Ways

Britney's Performance Two Ways

Molly: Britney, I never counted myself among your loyal fans, but sitting next to one of your most devoted every day, I've waited patiently for your comeback this year. On stage last night you looked both terrified and over it. Both wanting the public's approval and wishing you never had to ask for it again. Plus, you're still hot and all - but come on now? Underwear? Even back with your snake you wore pants. It was hard to watch, and as you ran off the stage at the end it was obvious that you weren't entirely proud either. As I said, I love me some Toxic, but I'm not jamming out like Katie to your new single. Pop, on the other hand...

Pop: Oh Britney. Where do we go from here? I have been a fan that has been holding out for 2 years for your big comeback. I have been waiting patiently as you raised your kids, got married and divorced twice, watched you spend time promoting perfume instead of dancing and singing and then finally your time came tonight...and well, let's just say, it went. I don't want to think you peaked before 25 but how much longer can I hold out for what was one of the most entertaining pop stars to return?

Pop: Clearly you need some new people you can trust. You should have been told you could not wear your underwear on stage. It was not sexy. It's not that a mother of two can't show off her body but when you are known for your signature abs you better hide them until they are back before parading around half naked. Maybe if you dressed the part and danced with confidence then this post would be totally different. We expected more and you knew it by the way you ran off that stage. No one actually thought you would sing but you could have at least acted like you were. You looked like you were somewhere else the entire performance. We have no idea what is going on in your mind but we're begging you - Please blow us away with this album and some videos - Stop partying and get your ass back in shape like the girl on the treadmill in Chaotic - Show us that confident woman you used to be so we can still support you because if you keep falling flat like you did last night then there's no more desire to see what you will do next and life would be so different with no Britney Spears phenomenon to follow.

Molly: See Brit? People are still waiting, even after last night. We all know you lip sync, but at least you used to pretend and the world played along. Whether it was Sarah Silverman's cowardly jabs just after you exited stage left or the Palms curbing your stunts, you just weren't there last night. Lucky for you, your fans haven't given up hope yet. Just get it together (as if you haven't heard that one) and give us more, way more than that.

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