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Britney's Problem-Ridden Trip to Miami

Britney's Problem-Ridden Trip to Miami

Britney Spears took her random House of Blues tour to Miami this weekend, but it wasn't without its fair share of glitches. First she had a bit of a breakdown on the flight to Florida, saying that she wanted off because immediately after take-off she realized the plane "hasn't got leather seats." Sounds logical.

When she finally arrived safely in FLA, aside from shopping in a bustier, there was a show to perform. As usual, Brit performed her brief show, lip syncing her way through the set. Unfortunately, halfway through her "backing" cd started to skip. Brit dealt with the mishap by dancing with her back to the crowd while the track fixed itself. Hey, at least it wasn't like the audience thought she was actually singing at any point. Just a little Ashlee Simpson on SNL-esque embarrassing moment. Lucky for Brit, she wasn't broadcast on TV!


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