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reese05 reese05 10 years
Why can't she tell if what she is wearing is awful or not!
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 10 years
I think she looks cute in these pics -for Brit anyway. I don't like the belt but everything else looks great. She should stick to wearing stuff like this.
Jacqui Jacqui 10 years
What's with the way she dresses? She dresses the same way that she did when she was popular, which was the late 90's or early 00's? Either way, it still looks as trashy as it did back then. The belt - who wears a belt that low anymore? Or that.. ugly? Silver studs on the belt but gold shoes. Ugh. No bra. Cheap looking, ill-fitting t-shirt with 'tough-girl' motif. Honestly, how old is she? 13? Regardless of where she's going in that getup, she is a public figure. She should ALWAYS dress for the occasion because whereever she goes the camera's will be waiting. And so will I.
Lill-McGill Lill-McGill 10 years
That is one ghetto weave.
shoey_1984 shoey_1984 10 years
I like Britney's hair. If that is a looks pretty darn good!
cari907 cari907 10 years
she looks good exept 4 hair and no bra thing
baby-ballerina baby-ballerina 10 years
LOSE THE EXTENTIONS ! yes that is me, shouting through the computer.
epicurean_Essy epicurean_Essy 10 years
Not feeling her hair.......
krisua krisua 10 years
Wow, very objectively written article. Thanks, Pop.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
"its nastiness is just a given" :ROTFL: Molly!
kgirl82 kgirl82 10 years
from queen of pop to queen of white trash - you know there are posters of her in trailers everywhere - she should just give it up and come out with a clothing line for wal-mart...
EmilyGPop EmilyGPop 10 years
tres_jolie_girl tres_jolie_girl 10 years
I don't get it, how come she looks fit in this pic and yesterday she was fat
girlboy girlboy 10 years
this is her sir isaac newton wig
msmoney23 msmoney23 10 years
Brittney soooo disappoints me.
gossipqueen gossipqueen 10 years
Britney Speas is DISGUSTING! I'm sorry for all of you still holding a candle for her....EEEEWWWW!
irishchic33 irishchic33 10 years
I pray everyday that she cleans herself up!
zoethekat21 zoethekat21 10 years
She so needs to sport the short look...Natalie Portman looked fantastic when she saved her head for Vandetta...oh wait she is so NOT TRASHY like BRitt! I cannot believe it has gotten so bad...that Kevin looks good! Yikes!
sweet_T23 sweet_T23 10 years
I agree that the outfit doesn't really go together, but it is an outfit which is a step in the right direction! Not wearing a bra is appropriate with certain outfits, but Britney has no sense of when one is needed and when it is not. Obviously with a thin tank top, it is needed (particularly if you are above a B cup!) But, with a cute strappy summer dress, you can maybe go without--especially without one in a different color that shows all over the place!! She is so random with the bra thing! I def think she should lose the ratty extensions and show off the short hair. I'll bet she looks good with it--she actually looked kind of cute with it bald.
Ginger Ginger 10 years
It's like no element of that outfit goes with any other element.
juliana_russo juliana_russo 10 years
high-d high-d 10 years
ew xena warrior princess...
canthelpwatching canthelpwatching 10 years
I think she looks good in those jeans. I'm shocked. As for the bodyguard, I'm guessing she's more of a booty call with my bodyguard kind of girl than a "dating my bodyguard" kind of girl.
CamillaCat CamillaCat 10 years
Actually this is one of the better pics we've seen of her lately
FB1977 FB1977 10 years
Yes, he is supposedly a drug counselor she was seeing, and a filthy rich real estate agent.
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