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browneyedchica browneyedchica 10 years
Other than the shirt being too tight, this outfit is super cute!!
chancleta chancleta 10 years
blocking her mom from seeing the boys? b*tch! that's terrible. poor babies. poor brit's mom.
MisterPinkNoTip MisterPinkNoTip 10 years
hills hills 10 years
i feel so sorry for her
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
I think the outfit's cute except she needs a bigger top, or a different one. K-Fed didn't seem to think she was too young when he was busy knocking her up twice in 2 years.
Bellatrix2 Bellatrix2 10 years
Oops, little mistake in my previous message : high heels work very well with shorts (and not with high heels again :-) )...
Bellatrix2 Bellatrix2 10 years
I usually don't post on the Paris&Britney&Lindsay&company posts as I'm not interested in them. Plus, as I don't live in the USA, I am not confronted to their pictures and "juicy" (hem, hem) stories in the magazines on daily basis. But I was very shocked to see so many negative comments about Britney's latest outfit : she is actually looking quite good here. Ok, the shirt is at least a size too small (I would say two) and I'm going to overlook the "no bra" part. Apart from that, one has to admit that she's looking cute and summer sexy here. The high heels are simple and cute (and yes, they work very well with high heels : it is one of the summer trends to follow according to my -French!- fashion magazines). Those shorts : I wish I had the same (plus, her legs look very nice in these pictures)! The bag is completely ok too. The outfit is finally on the right colour balance (black + jeans). I'm just not a fan of that hat (but I'd rather see that than her fake and odd hair extensions). I love critism. Both negative AND positive. Britney looks good here, I must confess. And that's all I am saying (I am no judge regarding her personal situation nor have I heard any music of hers either lately).
Honeychild Honeychild 10 years
a tweed hat in June = sweaty extentions
bellahoney bellahoney 10 years
she still looks like a skank. :/
krisua krisua 10 years
K-Fed, give her some breath!
keiraz keiraz 10 years
they're both irresponsible and immature, thus not able to be a parent in the first place.
missdiorcherie missdiorcherie 10 years
honestly she is sooooo annoying and ugly...ppl think shes coming out with a major comeback and shell be looking hot like her old self....OPEN YOUR EYES PPL ONCE YOU BECOME TRASH LIKE BRITNEY (showing off your private areas, shaving your head, marrying loser) YOU NEVER GO BACK TO CLASS. ppl just consider the old Britney you once new DEAD!!!!
yeahmonmeirie yeahmonmeirie 10 years
Mizz Britney, just what is your aim? Is it all just fortune or fame? Do you care if your kid One day reads what you did? Hangs his innocent head in shame.
fashionstar fashionstar 10 years
I think she wears stuff like that on purpose to say that she doesn't care which kind of rocks in a way, but I really don't get her, she's really interesting because you have to wonder who's really under there? With other celebrities i really don't give a crap, but i'd actually want to get to know her.
sibalc sibalc 10 years
oh yeah, this is so much better than the sheer top she wore last time. but the bad news is... it's still bad. did she fire her stylist as well? seriously, she is a mess and i don't believe that she will ever get back to the top again. her career is so over
barbie_doll barbie_doll 10 years
her sons are gorgeous!!
MissEnglish07 MissEnglish07 10 years
I'm just sad that she can't even go grocery shopping without people freaking out over her....
Shory-Bella Shory-Bella 10 years
omg she loks horible
smallweed smallweed 10 years
Sigh, I've been in a hurry getting dressed and had shirts to that to me too, lol...USUALLY at work, and I USUALLY end up stapling them shut with my desk stapler so they don't do what Brit's is doing in these pics. LOL...but the hat....THE FREAKIN HAT.... I know she's totally screwed up her hair and she's gotta cover up the crap-a$$ extensions, but the HATS have got to go! Oh, and K-fed? The only thing I have to say about him is he needs to keep his trap shut about anything he might do. I really can't stand Brit, but I saw the divorce happening before they even got married (didn't we all), and I can't STAND that guy!
Schaianne Schaianne 10 years
Yeah, this is so classy. NOT
Ginger Ginger 10 years
Unfortunately she dresses in clothes that are way too tight and skimpy, which makes her look fat. She's not really overweight, but looks horrible. If she wore nice clothes in her size, she would look so much better. If I saw someone dressed like this, with those shoes, pushing a cart in my grocery store, my first guess would be that they were a cheap hooker.
Myssa Myssa 10 years
All I have to say is ALLI is a BAD friend to her. Alli always dresses better than Britney---Alli obviously knows how to dress and knows how NOT to dress ahem Britney-- but she doesnt help her cousin/friend out? I dont get it. I would never ever let my friends leave the house in the crap BRITNEY wears! Alli is a bitch as far as I am concerned. lol
Jillness Jillness 10 years
I don't think she was fine before he came along. There was that whole 50 hour marriage thing, remember?
She may have held onto baby weight, but don't call her fat. She is still far from fat. Just because she isn't as thin as she used to be, or as other anorexic pop tarts are. American society needs to get away from the bone-thin love that has been happening for the past few years. In England, Britney's body is likely to be considered perfect. So, if you're a size 2, eat something, and stop talking trash, cuz the normal size girls can kick ur butt!
musiclvr224 musiclvr224 10 years
Britney was fine untile K-fed came along....honestly neither one of the two are fit to be a parent.
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