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Britney Round Up

A new song has leaked today along with this super cute photoshoot of Britney from UK Glamour. Click here to download this new song which is a collaboration with Full Force called Luv The Hurt Away.

Also in Britney land, there are reports that she is tightening the purse strings on Kevin. Could it be because of the new article about her being a "terrible" actress? So much more Britney but still no final confirmation of her pregnancy. Maybe something exciting will happen later today. Stay tuned but in the meantime,

Page Six reports:

BRITNEY Spears is pregnant and depressed - and she's not in any mood to let free-spending hubby Kevin Federline take off to have fun in Las Vegas with his posse. "Kevin asked Britney for money to go to Las Vegas in two weeks, and she shut him down," our insider said. "Britney told him that she won't be funding his trips with his friends any longer - he used to fly everyone out on her dime. The monthly allowance she had put him on seems to be disappearing after only one week." A rep for Spears, who despite the pregnancy is still working on her album for Jive, referred calls to Federline's rep, who said, "I have no comment."

Apparently those acting ambitions she had will not really happen since her acting coach revealed she is terrible. In fact he called her: Britney is an untalented, self-focused k wannabe. Ouch. Below is the entire not so nice article:

By Maggie O'Riorpan
SHE may be a pop princess who has had a string of worldwide hits - but Britney Spears will never make it as an actress.

That's the opinion of someone who should know...her own drama coach.

In a scathing attack, the Los Angeles-based teacher branded the 24-year-old singer as "talentless" and blasted her "trailer trash" accent.

The acting coach, who has I worked with some of the i. biggest stars in Hollywood, said: "Britney is an untalented, self-focused k wannabe.

"I can imagine her ruining a televised drama by suddenly staring straight into camera and either winking, shaking her boobs or blowing a bubble of gum. But not all at the same time that would be asking far too much of her." The coach, who gave acting lessons to Britney at her Malibu home, also revealed that the singer dismissed William Shakespeare and Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter "as not part of my world"

Of Shakespeare she said: "I know who he is, know he's dead and I don't want any knights-in-armour stuff." And when asked to read from a Harold Pinter play the singer - who rose to fame seven years ago with Hit Me Baby One More Time - held up a hand to shut her drama coach up, before scoffing: "Whoever Pinto is, or was."

Britney made her big screen debut in disastrous teen flick Crossroads four years ago and appears as a porn star in a cameo role in the final episode of Will & Grace in the US.

The coach - one of four drama teachers the singer has so far used - gave Britney just two lessons before she was sacked.

She said that Britney, who is said to be expecting her second child with husband Kevin Federline, refused to accept she had things to learn.

"Britney's no better or worse than any newcomer to acting," said the coach, who has asked not to be named.

"The big difference is, she's into shortcuts. She kept telling me to skip elements of the course she believed weren't necessary.

"It was clear she really hadn't understood the concept of any of them. She came j across as a spoilt child in the body of a young woman, who's not used to being told no."

She'll just stare at the camera and either wink, shake her boobs or blow out a bubble of gum but not all at the same time, that would be asking too much of her 9


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