26 Times Britney Spears Said It All With Her Face

Dec 2 2015 - 4:00pm

Whether Britney Spears [1] is pulling on our heartstrings with her adorable family pictures [2] or giving us a peek at her banging bikini body [3], there's one thing she's never short on: personality. Indeed, Brit can't help but get animated when she's in front of the camera. Her telling faces not only give away exactly what she's thinking, but perfectly capture the full spectrum of human emotion. Read on to discover what Britney was (probably) thinking at some of her most interesting moments, and then find out which Britney album captures your personality [4].

"Bow down, b*tches."

"I just snorted!"

"But I don't want to take a selfie."

"Yep, I'm taking him home."

"What, we couldn't film on the sun?"

"Watch the makeup, Miley."

"Bye Felicia."

"Is it too late to turn around?"

"I'll stay if you've got cheese grits!"

"What's that smell?"

"We did it, y'all!"

"Please don't try to make out with me again."

"I volunteer as tribute!"

"Stay away from my bag, lady."

"But it doesn't even look like me."

"Yeah, a new scrunchie sounds like a great idea."

"I can't wait to get out of these pants and eat carbs."

"Don't fall in these heels. Don't fall in these heels."

"Why am I just standing here?"

"If I don't move, nothing's going to pop out."

"I'm SO happy for you."

"Come say that to my face."

"Damn, this thing is heavy."

"Tell me you're not with PETA."

"You're in my personal space."

"Because I'm Britney, b*tch."

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