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any any 9 years
she looks pregnant :S
catou07 catou07 9 years
I don't understand why B. Spears had to make another needless appearance on the show. Despite the awful dialogue, her acting is god-awful! Forced, trite, and the delivery is all, all wrong. She is visibly trying too hard - as is the show (that I once loved so much) This show does not need this has-been to boost its ratings! Please take her off and never bring her back again... she drags the show (and the amazing actors- including the much-loved Neil Patrick Harris down!!)
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
I'm sad cos I missed it :( I couldnt care less if she's a terrible actress. Most shitcom whoops I mean sitcom actresses are anyways so whatevs! :)
Sunflo Sunflo 9 years
She is a terrible actress, and I agree--she totally has a belly! I was dissapointed in this episode - it's like they were trying to hard. I say don't mess with a good thing. Her original appearance was MUCH better!
missyd missyd 9 years
I'm sorry but WOW she looked chubbarific on the show last night. I didnt realize quite how....'puffy' (?)she is!! Her arms were seriously quite large and her gut was pookin out every which way. Anyhoo, on a non physical note, her acting made me cringe. I normally love the show (and sarah whatshername was a good addition she is awesome), but brit brit has GOT to go
Jenny86 Jenny86 9 years
Aww! She looks good! I loved her on HIMYM yesterday! She's so adorable!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
I thought it was funny, that show overall seems forced and unreal to me- so she fit right in!
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
Damn, someone needs a facial.
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 9 years
I thought she did a good job... my husband and I were cracking up the whole time. I hope she'll be coming back.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 9 years
Her acting was awful last night compared to the first time she was on. Her stomach serioulsy jiggled when she walked into the pub.
MeggyPoodles MeggyPoodles 9 years
yucky. those pictures are SO unflattering. yikes.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
:sick: no shitshit can pull off this look :sck:
cari907 cari907 9 years
her character is so dumb but i still love her and i hope she gets her slave 4 u body back soon i miss it
ShannonSoCrazy ShannonSoCrazy 9 years
This was the worst episode of HIMYM in a long time. And I love the show...
LolaDub LolaDub 9 years glad u back :hug:
higgydt4 higgydt4 9 years
Her boobs all of a sudden got huge, she always looks bloated...hmmm.... and she ruins HIMYM. Worst. Acting. EVER.
Sica Sica 9 years
Sorry but she's never gonna be pretty again.
Woop Woop 9 years
Hi Justingirl! :hug: Look, I'm not sayin' she's pregnant, I'm just sayin'... :shrug: hee shout out to Tiabia and Ginger!
Ginger Ginger 9 years
I thought the expanded role gave more room to illustrate how bad of an actress she is. You take acting in a simple sitcom for granted until you see someone really tank at it, and then suddenly Neil Patrick Harris looks like Pacino next to Britney's acting. Calling her character innocent is so much more polite. It seemed like they made her a total idiot who sleeps around with men who can't remember her name and stalks a man who wants nothing to do with her.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 9 years
I saw the clips. She was forced and awkward. And she looks about 4 months pregnant.
LolaDub LolaDub 9 years
:rotfl: woop :wave: welcome back
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
urggg...yea that's why I enevr work out with make-up on...
mondaymoos mondaymoos 9 years
Sheesh. Thank God I don't have to have pictures taken of me after I workout! I hate to hear what people would think of my hair and makeup!
historymystery historymystery 9 years
It looks like she's got a breakout around her mouth, the poor girl.
silly3 silly3 9 years
I missed the episode - so mad at myself. But I agree with everyone here. Brit should be able to afford excellent skin care. Icky!
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