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Britney Spears Pictures

36 Signs Britney Spears Is Back, B*tch

Britney Spears Pictures
Image Source: Getty / Gabe Ginsberg

Since you're reading this, chances are you've been yearning for a new era of die-hard Britney Spears fandom. Sure, you can hit up Las Vegas to watch her slay at the Piece of Me concerts, but nothing can top having a new Britney jam and music video right around the corner. Nothing. And so we've been paying close attention to Britney's moves this past year, thirsty for any sign that Brit is staging a comeback. Finally, we were blessed with official word that the release of "Pretty Girls," Brit's new single with Iggy Azalea, is imminent. If all of it seems too good to be true, read on to reassure yourself that the Britney you know and love is back.

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