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Britney Spears Shows Up to Give Her Deposition

Britney Finally Shows Up to Give Her Deposition

After skipping yet another scheduled deposition yesterday (while off playing with her paparazzo friend), Britney she finally wised up this morning and showed up at Kevin's lawyer's office to get sworn in and answer his questions. Britney looked demure as always . . . ooooooor she wore a revealing backless hot pink dress (photos coming). At least her Mary Jane Loubs are nice. Why am I not surprised that she didn't show up in something more appropriate? While I'm sure there was a lot of ground to cover, Britney wasn't inside too long, bolting after only 45 minutes. Hopefully Brit was on her best behavior inside, but since there isn't a video camera in the room, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the people in the room say about what happened in there.

Update: Kevin's lawyer Mark Kaplan gave a press conference saying that while Brit's deposition was scheduled for 9:45 to 11:45, she didn't show up until 11:32. So she sat and answered questions for 13 minutes before leaving on time. There is another deposition scheduled; methinks she'll be late to that one too.


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