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Britney Spears Supposedly Said She Feels Like a Prisoner, Sam Lutfi's Sister Smuggled Her a Cell Phone

Sam's Trial Reveals Britney Feels Like a Prisoner to Her Dad

While Britney Spears keeps working on her tour, her old bad-influence boys are still making trouble in LA. Sam Lutfi had a hearing this morning to try and lift the restraining order against him. His sister testified that she met Britney at a sauna in January to smuggle her the prepaid phone. Brit apparently revealed she "felt like a prisoner," was "afraid of her father," and wanted a new lawyer.

This is around the time Britney supposedly left the message about her dad's threats, though Jamie's lawyer doubts the authenticity of the leaked voicemail. In the end, Sam's restraining order was extended until April 21, when closing arguments will be heard.

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