It's officially crunch time for Britney Spears as she gears up to kick off her tour in New Orleans next Tuesday, and more details about the show are coming to the light. The pop star has been working with a magician to add some spice to her singing and dancing, and the illusionist revealed that Britney will be sawed in half during one of her numbers. He also gushed that Britney looks hotter than ever and is pulling out all the stops with fresh dance routines and lots of circus-themed elements.

Meanwhile, Adnan Ghalib has been charged with three felonies, one of which is a hit and run on a man who was trying to serve him legal papers on Britney's behalf just a few weeks ago. Yesterday we learned that Britney is possibly still in touch with Adnan and Sam Lutfi via a prepaid cell phone, but we're hoping that once she hits the road next week, she can finally leave the shady people in her past behind.