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Angel-Wright Angel-Wright 8 years
No ones gonna believe me but what the heck, my friend is Brittany Spears back round dancer!! Her names Crisila. She is blond and tale. She danced in 'Womanizer'..Well just a thought...
rainonme224 rainonme224 8 years
The quality is too bad to tell if the song is good or not.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 8 years
The song was okay... Haha, I love that Britney's meal consists of 70% calories from her drink...stars, they're just like us! (I do that too sometimes!)
mariellynelly mariellynelly 8 years
I like Brit, but I couldn't really get a feel for the song because of the terrible quality. I could hardly even understand the words.
ayuninur ayuninur 8 years
anorthan anorthan 8 years
not sure about the song- I usually like everything she does but I'll have to wait until it comes out- but would somebody PLEASE do something about her shoes!!!! I know she owns more than just that pair!?!?!?!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that there's definitely something good there and i can't wait to hear more of the album. i think that britney is really coming into her own and she's managing to come out with another bunch of great workout dance songs.
angelthelson angelthelson 8 years
i love brit brit's lv bag!
cfp cfp 8 years
I don't think that people buy Britney's music for it's artistic value but more because it's catchy, good to dance to (in short, what pop music is all about). And from what I can hear, it sounds like it will be playing in all the clubs in a couple of months, and I think there's a lot worse out there...
coachluvr33 coachluvr33 8 years
The song isn't great. Pretty much like everything else she puts out, which I like much better than anything Jessica Simpson puts out. On a different note, I agree with PinkNC. I am happy for her. She looks amazing and I am so happy she is healthier and seems to be on a good path these days.
PinkNC PinkNC 8 years
You know I'm glad that Britney is finally getting her act together for her boys. But that song stinks. And to all those people who couldn't find the song to hear it....believe me when I tell you that you didn't miss much.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
She looks like she did right after she had her second son, Jayden, and then divorced Kevin. Hopefully she doesn't go back to her crazy ways, I'm really pulling for her. Mostly for the sake of her kids.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
It's hard to tell because of the sound quality, but it sounds catchy. But it also sounds over-synthesized like a lot of her other songs. I can't wait to hear the whole song.
angelinemarie angelinemarie 8 years
yay! team brit brit
cherrygirl143 cherrygirl143 8 years
All her stuff sounds the same because they have to work it over cuz she really can't sing. But, there are plenty o people that will buy it.
billyart101 billyart101 8 years
from the clip I don't like it. I liked Piece of Me when I heard it in a simmilar clip, back when its clip leaked, and I was really interested/really liked it. i loved blackout, but I'm not holding my breath for this one based on this clip.
caite caite 8 years
sounds like a Rihanna no?
KySteph KySteph 8 years
She's starting to look really .... somewhat.... kind of classy these days... or at least classier than she was!
justlookaround justlookaround 8 years
didn't like it but i like that red shirt :)
HeidiMD HeidiMD 8 years
It sounds like a mess.
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 8 years
too poor quality to tell.
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
I found myself wishing that there was an option C, I like how easy her music is to dance to. However for someone with as big of a name in the music business as she dose, her songs really have no lasting value. I really wish she'd work with different musicians, I mean she dosen't write her own music so why can't she hire better song writers?
EmyAnne EmyAnne 8 years
what happened to her saying she gave up fraapucinos and sugar and all that? here she is again with a frapp!!
NduguNStephie NduguNStephie 8 years
Thank you Briandiesel! I love it! Cannot wait for Dec 2 now! Woot Woot!
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