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veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
oh gosh....
cottonpoots cottonpoots 9 years
How skanky is that? :sick:
Lill-McGill Lill-McGill 9 years
Seans upset, her top is about to fall off but that Blackberry is just far more important! :OY:
demeter demeter 9 years
Can I adopt her kids?!
lulu8758 lulu8758 9 years
Roccoco Roccoco 9 years
*sigh* she should have just opted for a nice quiet life on the farm! Sickening to watch someone to do this to themselves over and over and over's more than just the drugs that's destroyed her last brain cell. Sorry state of affairs indeed.
lorenashley lorenashley 9 years
and people say kevin is using the kids for photo ops :oy:
wonderwoman80 wonderwoman80 9 years
We never see pictures of Kevin out and about with the boys...
Tari007 Tari007 9 years
It's so sad to see how her life has become this pathetic...
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
oh Brit.... rockin the donut bun!
rockstar2007 rockstar2007 9 years
Um, let's at least give her some props for spending the day with the kids and THEN heading to the photo shoot. She could have had a nanny for them all day while she worked. The girl gets chastised for not spending enough time with her kids and now she is getting ribbed for showing up late to a video shoot. At least it is a slightly better most decision than most.
Deba Deba 9 years
Deba Deba 9 years
I remember the story about cleaning her doggie's pupu with an expensive dress and ... end up being truth Pictures of Britney stripping down to her underwear to refresh at the beach Pictures of Brit-Brit naked in a hot tub with some douchebag Guess whats... it might 99.9% she IS PREGNANT and she stripped down in a store... but I mean, its like boring ya'll cause know we even know how her C-section looks like.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
Ha! Thanks, Woop and Spitfire!
Woop Woop 9 years
Oh snaps, Jillnes! That's right - only visitation! I sit corrected. :notworthy:
prinzes3006 prinzes3006 9 years
lol Deba!
Deba Deba 9 years
I think baby is crying because her boots stink really bad
tiabia tiabia 9 years
If Britney continues on this "Breath of Fresh Air" path, Federline will be awarded Full Custody, just as John McEnroe was award custody of his children with Tatum O'Neal. She may love her children, but not nearly enough to see that she needs to get herself, separate herself from them, until she's 100%...she's insane.
eveday eveday 9 years
CaterpillarGirl...that's sad then. Because I think the best for these children is to be away from her.
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
FB1977 ;)
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
Thanks Jillness, I thought she didn't have ANY custody, but after reading some of these posts, I figured maybe I was mistaken, but thanks for clearing it up.
FB1977 FB1977 9 years
Spitfire, exactly!! :highfive:
FB1977 FB1977 9 years
Actually, the paps only capture what BRIT wants them to capture. There are way too many other celebs out there, just as famous as Brit, who are able to stay OUT of the limelight and raise their families. There is no excuse...other than Brit is just like Hohan and Hilton...they CRAVE the attention and publicity. All of them have been known to call the paps and alert them to where they'll be. Why is that so hard to believe? I happen to believe the majority of the Brit stories...even the "crazy" ones only because I truly do believe she is crazy or mentally insane. Not sure about the preggers story but we shall see. I could almost believe that one, with the way she jumps from guy to guy.
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
I think being a drug user, shoplifting, continuously breaking the law while driving, putting the boys lives in danger, seeing a doctor for depression (she's on antidepressants) blatant show of erratic behavior, both in public and private,(shaving her head, talking gibberish on video's because she's so messed up) the little boy's decayed teeth, dragging them around town after midnight, the way her house is said to be kept (very unsanitary with dog poop and old food laying around), the court ordered monitor's report and now she's wanting to be taken off the case because she fears for her own safety while with on and so on.... I think that's quite enough to where a judge would take a second look and say Hummmm, I don't think the boy's are in good hands here.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
"if she was such a "BAD" mom by the courts - she'd be getting NOOOO custody" :ROTFL: SHE HAS NO CUSTODY!!!!!!!! Kevin has 100% custody, she only gets "visitation". BIG difference.
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