Britney made multiple stops this weekend performing her hit single, "Womanizer." Her first one was at the Bambi Awards which most of you all thought was amazing. She continued on to Paris to perform on Star Academy and then to London for X Factor. Each act was slightly different (check out videos after the jump) and the good news is Britney's confidence is back and she's got a busy week ahead of her. She had a huge smile on stage and even Simon Cowell gave her a standing ovation! Tonight is her MTV documentary which we can't wait to watch. Then Circus drops on Tuesday, which is Brit's 27th birthday, when she will also stop by Good Morning America. Britney was seen leaving London today to head to NYC for part two of her promotional tour. Will you be watching Britney on MTV and GMA?

For lots more picture of Britney in Germany, Paris, and London and two of her latest video performances,


Source and Splash News Online and Flynet