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katulinek katulinek 9 years
she got totally mad
Xena Xena 9 years
Why is she even in LA? She has no roots there and no job there.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
who the fuck hangs out with paparazzi's? LA don't love you Brit.
Irishgal Irishgal 9 years
She is crazy, inviting paps into her house?!!! They are not her friends, they earn a living by taking pictures of her!!! She needs to get out of Los Angeles. She should seriously go back home to Kentwood.
melissabritt melissabritt 9 years
So she has ZERO friends? What a freak. Her boys are 1000% better off without her. She only had them for media attention anyway.
DarkRayne DarkRayne 9 years
Great if she actually dumped that Adnan creep, she isn't so dumb after all! I can't belive no one follows K-fed around, we have no idea how he treats those kids either. No one is chasing his car, sees who he hangs out with, where he goes, if he's drunk. I think there is a double standard here and Britney was set up big time by his lawyers. I never see him out and about with the kids like she was, just a nanny pushing them around, odd.
Torquemada Torquemada 9 years
irrecoverable. long time dead
sarathacoombs sarathacoombs 9 years
AMEN XENA!!!! You took the words right from my head!!!!! I've been saying that alllllll alone!!! She's always been dumb. She just had "people" that made her what she WAS. That's gone. She'll never be anything other then a joke now. No one will work with her or ever take her serious again!!
sarathacoombs sarathacoombs 9 years
Perez as boycotted this dumb ass and I think all websites should. She's a waste of my time to scroll past this moron. BOYCOTT WACKO BOYCOTT WACKO
cherrygirl143 cherrygirl143 9 years
Why does PetCo keep selling her living things? What has happened to all the other critters she has purchased? has anyone ever seen her buy them food? And who takes care of them while she is staying at hotels? Call the Humane Society!!
cherrygirl143 cherrygirl143 9 years
Sad. Her only friends are they one paid to follow her around. Pitiful life.
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 9 years
Ugh, what a mess.
ariyana_anthony ariyana_anthony 9 years
ditto justingirl ;) waste of space ,air ,money ,time ,etc etc
lily8206 lily8206 9 years
I don't think she's hanging with the paps b/c she doesn't have any other friends... I think she's hanging with them b/c they are the only people who support and encourage her antics (which they will continue to do when they're making such good money off of it!).
Xena Xena 9 years
Britney is nothing like Anna Nicole. At least Anna loved her children. Britney will never kill herself intentionally. She's dumb, selfish, hopeless, and a waste of (greasy and pimply) human flesh. Her problem is she was never smart to begin with, (I couldn't believe her ignorance shown in that Matt L, interview) she was surrounded by smart people who created her, and she didn't take the time to learn anything along the way. Without them, the only thing she is, is ANNOYING. If she wasn't famous she'd be the girl in town that is the town wh*re, unemployed, running the streets with trash and messing with the old married men trying to get them to pay her bills. The only thing different between her and the town trash is she's rich trash. If her money would dry up today, she would have no Paps following her, NO Sam, no NO ONE. That's the only way she'll change is if she's forced to stand on her own two feet and unfortunately she's surrounded by enablers so I doubt she will ever get better.
Christina23559 Christina23559 9 years
How sad is it that I seriously logged on expecting to see that something bad had happend to good ole' BS this weekend? It's like the whole Anna Nicole thing all over again. Just waiting for her to snap off... ok that doesn't sound quite right. But you get the point. She'll go out in some spectacular way if she can get off her lazy arse to figure out how.
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
They need to back away from Britney and stop reporting about her doing a bunch of nothing. Once she gets bored then maybe she'll settle her thinking enough to realize that she does need serious mental help. Soon she'll make us all at a lost for words over her.
GingerSpice GingerSpice 9 years
so bored and over her, she is indeed a waste of space
FB1977 FB1977 9 years
The way her makeup is applied makes it look like she's a little girl playing with mommy's makeup. What a MESS!!
mizkokinut mizkokinut 9 years
how about not reporting on britney spears anymore. she is such a bad role model and really nothing it really new in her world to report on.
Kitten98 Kitten98 9 years
The pig has lost her kids and does not have a care in the world! She looks 100% happier, more carefree, and even physically better (ratty weave notwithstanding) than before. It says a lot, and it is sad for those boys. Did anyone catch the video where she told the homeless man "It is better to be homeless than be me?" She is a narcissistic, self-absorbed, disgusting pig!
ariyana_anthony ariyana_anthony 9 years
missyd missyd 9 years
She is after losing alot of weight. I have no idea how with all the sugar filled drinks she piles down. Anyhoo, I just had to say :-p
RosaDilia RosaDilia 9 years
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
I hope the best for her too... even if it is a self motivated downfall, its still sad to see anyone go thru that.
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