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Calling Team Jacob! Have Questions For Taylor? Leave Them in Comments and Win!

It's our last day for questions before tomorrow's New Moon press day, and we're so excited! We'll be interviewing all the stars of the movie — including Robert, Kristen, Taylor, and more! — and we want your input on what you want to hear from them. So we're asking for your questions for the cast and you're going to have a chance to win! Today, it's all about Taylor Lautner so tell us what you want to know from Jacob Black himself!

We're giving away awesome Twilight gear from CafePress — all you have to do is make sure you are logged in and then leave a comment with a question for the stars (official rules here). We'll choose our favorite one for each day and ask it at the interview. Here are the stars we'll be asking for your input for this week:

The questions have been amazing — click on the links above to ask Robert, the Volturi, Kristen and the Cullens everything! Stay tuned next week for video of all our interviews with the full cast to gear up for the exciting premiere of New Moon. Thanks for your entries, we can't wait to read all your questions! So, what would you ask Taylor Lautner?

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MaCeYk MaCeYk 7 years
how do you feel about people of all ages wanting to do all sorts of things with you? does it disturb you at all? i was wondering if you guys were coming to New Zealand any time soon? Nobody ever comes to nz from macey nz
Kirsten-Schilder Kirsten-Schilder 7 years
Question for Taylor: How do you handle all the girl fans in your relationship. There must be some jealousy...xoxo Kirsten
Mary763 Mary763 7 years
Can you really still lead a normal life without all the paparazzi? Is there even a bit of time for you?
MrsTaylorLautner MrsTaylorLautner 7 years
Do you think Jacob has become the person he is supposed to be for bella?
MrsTaylorLautner MrsTaylorLautner 7 years
Do you think Jacob should have reacted differently to Bella saying she wanted Edward more than him after everything he has told her that could influence her perspective of life and what she really wanted in life?
MrsTaylorLautner MrsTaylorLautner 7 years
Do you think Bella made the right choice of marrying Edward? What is your opinion on the matter? Why do you think Jacob never imprinted on Bella but imprinted on her daughter, Renesmee?
MrsTaylorLautner MrsTaylorLautner 7 years
If Bella decided to leave Edward for Jacob, how would Jacob react to Bella wanting him more than Edward after everything has happened in Eclipse? would he get angry and frustrated and reject her or accept her how she is even if she put him through all that then just suddenly gave in to him?
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
Taylor, if you could give any advice to any aspiring actors/actresses out there looking up to you what would it be?
Darkpasion452 Darkpasion452 7 years
Would have preferred a different ending for Jacob? Personally I wanted him to imprint on Leah........Agree
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
Taylor, do you have any other aspirations other than acting like music, directing, screenwriting, ect? Where do you see yourself in 15 yrs?
drkdvinity drkdvinity 7 years
Taylor, I understand that you've done alot of your own stunt work & that you have a background in martial arts. Do you plan or hope to aquire any roles in the future where you can apply those skills? Congratulations on your success! Your future's so bright you'll have to wear shades:)
vickycullen vickycullen 7 years
Do you think Bella should've stayed with Jacob? What's your favourite book from de saga? Are you ever going to come to Argentina? you've a lot of fans here, including me!! love youu ♥
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
Taylor, who is your role model and what makes them that?
bsprague01 bsprague01 7 years
Taylor, what advice would you give to young people like yourself about life and dealing with it's pressures?
oXoRedSoxGirloXo oXoRedSoxGirloXo 7 years
Taylor, Do you have in projects that you are working on in the near future? Brittney
jodi80204 jodi80204 7 years
Taylor - I have two questions: is you could change one thing about your life what would it be? if you had to choose one superpower to have, what would it be?
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