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arrowstraite arrowstraite 5 years
These worship comments crack me up! LOL She's just a chick who acts in movies and has had many suspect lovers - not a spiritual entity. Take a PILL. We're basically the same age. I've been a pretty health conscious mom but need to tone-it-up some more to reverse baby-damage but yet I still have very youthful face, hair and skin. Whereas she's been a beach bunny & boozer - overtly toned but with a butta face and badly damaged skin & brittle hair... you age by what you do to your body. Injections and plastic surgery can't fix everything. Younger women need to know that.
ChicagoDiva ChicagoDiva 5 years
Wow, Cameron is looking used and abused! In the one close-up shot you can see that she's had a facelift and obvious injections - her forehead is way too smooth and her eyes have that pulled-back- too-tight look. I just don't get why these people all insist on looking like parodies of themselves rather than just accepting that everyone ages. Sad and pathetic.
chocolate79 chocolate79 5 years
Cameron didn't look awful here, but there's something off about her.. maybe it's her hair or her tan? not sure, she just looks different lately, which might be the fact that she's trying to cover her age and sun-damaged skin.. no matter what, she's trying to work it.. she always brings surprises to her looks
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
thanks #2, I totally needed that story....each day is better than the next with her looks, this is also a direct quote from "There's Something About Mary"
a-fan-of-Jessica-Alba---Robert-Soto-Coral-in-Los-Angeles a-fan-of-Jessica-Alba---Robert-Soto-Coral-in-Los-Angeles 5 years
I am robert soto coral a fan of cameron diaz - which I met at the placing of her hollywood walk of fame star with the hollywood chamber of commerce officiating the open ceremony. Unfortunately, I joked with her (not at her) that 1. cameron you have my car keys & 2. (cant remember), anyhow what I'm saying is unfortunately I didnt make it a serious moment - although now I see that humor is serious. She is awesome! in person she has the glow that you see in front of you. She came to the side of the velvet rope to sign autographs and I said "shake?" extending my hand half-ways (in an effort to turn humor to drama [humor has drama]), then it dawned on me that she is not in hand-shaking mode, so I instantly started shaking my head up & down to give a good save. She beamed her eyes to the sky for me (by the way I also was at the velvet rope but opposite her - only velvet rope in between her & me) with a glow that she actually 'turned-on'. Anyhow, thanks for cherishing her as I do. Also, I like the movie The Holiday that I have the DVD and have watched it many many times and still play it. Cameron Diaz didn't attend Sunday night's Golden Globes, but she did grace Hollywood with an appearance at an after-party! And by the way, she is loved by more people worldwide than some reading this or posting to this - we can say on behalf of those celebrities like cameron that 1. we know her star light from her heart outwardly - its never been about outward appearance first; and this applies only to true million followers and/or loved by millions grade of star. PEACE IN THIS 2012 - GO CAMERON! by the way cameron - to finish my humor of "you have my car keys" (as in return them please) - (answering your statement I dont have them) "dont worry I'll Fed-Ex it to you" ***********ROCK ON STARS***********
chasha chasha 5 years
Cameron looks better than she did last week but there's still something off. Donatella & Anna, on the other hand, are scary!! Who would ever want to look like that? Just goes to show that all the money in the world cannot buy you youth or beauty.
marta-poland marta-poland 5 years
Cameron look terrible
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