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The Royals
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jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
I think the point is people make JA out to be something, meanwhile this bitter chick has a similar track record and is praised for it...I believe Cameron has some unresolved issues and is jealous of those in real her face does look like rats naw away at it while she sleeps
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 5 years
she's gross.
katialoves katialoves 5 years
well i dont mind that jen is being brought up. its a reasonable question that just gossip asks in comment 7. plus its more intersting than reading comments about her looks. in my opinion some factors in more criticism towards jennifer about being a 'love loser' or whatever while both ladies have clearly dated some douches are: cameron has often talked about relationships being temporary and that being ok in her life goals. (=not desperate) she hadnt recently said that being a mom is in here plans, so there is no biological clock pressure. (=not desperate) cameron is naturally a lot prettier than jen and she is never the ugly one with super hot dude who got dumped like jennifer with brad. it just makes her stuff less interesting. jennifer has been interesting ever since she's dated and married brad; she is dramatically less attractive than him. the only similar couples i can think of are fergie/josh and demi/ashton but in those two the female has more money and prestige. im not saying jen deserves criticism for that it just makes the whole thing more interesting plus the angelina faactor. if arod moves on with angie i guess the world can start to feel as bad for cameron and they do for jen does that make sense just gossip?
loser60 loser60 5 years
BuggerOff BuggerOff 5 years
Unbelievable. An article about Cameron Diaz, but we have to read through posts about Jennifer Aniston. JA is the quintessential narcissistic. Can't walk pass a mirror without staring at herself. And her fans can't read an article without turning it into a story about her.
Gracebewithyou Gracebewithyou 5 years
She's just not aging well. Too much surfing in the sun. She does look VERY haggard in these pics. ARod is a chaser, always has been, always will be.
awesomepants awesomepants 5 years
Does this mean she'll stop body building? I liked her body before she got with A-Rod. Cameron is the type who is never going to settle down so I don't really care about her personal life. I just wonder why she keeps going out with complete losers. Gosh she needs to invest in a bra. Her boobs are small but they are distracting.
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
Losr60 you are HILARIOUS. Let's recap. 1. Caemron's interviews are funny because she is ALWAYS high. 2. Doing fun stuff? Like chasing after Justin Timberlake and A-Rod? 3. Since when is she close to her family? Her father died years ago and I don't recall seeing pictures with any other family member. 4. Girlfriends? You mean Drew Barrymore. I think they barely speak now. 5. A great actress? Playing a ditzy blonde when you ARE a ditzy blonde does not make you a great actress. 6. If she's such a great actress why is Bad Teacher the first film she has been able to carry by herself in the last TWENTY YEARS?
loser60 loser60 5 years
why do you always have bring aniston into everything? she is portrayed as someone who can't keep a man bcuz she can't. maybe cameron is more likeable bcuz she is always seen doing fun stuff and gives a great interview - has girlfriends and is super close with her family - she is easier to relate to and she can actually act
arrowstraite arrowstraite 5 years
She's always had bad skin. Her face looks like the result of tons of treatment and too much sun. Booze and possibly cigarettes? don't know if she smokes. Those shades aren't hiding her eyes- no sleep or crying eyes. It's pitiful to have that much money and no contentment. She's just a couple weeks younger than me and should and could look so much more youthful. But it has to come from the inside out. That's what she hasn't learned. Lose that evil vibe she has going and she'd be better off.
chocolate79 chocolate79 5 years
she looks pretty bad here.. her skin is bad and she looks bitter.. poor Cameron.. she doens't know how to take good care of herself, besides chasing waves and douche bags around..
poppykai poppykai 5 years
Wow, she is becoming a dead ringer for Ellen Barkin. Maybe she should start wearing sunscreen.
katuray katuray 5 years
At her age she shouldn't look like this yet,Elizabeth Hurley looks a lot younger and better than her and she's so much older than Cammie.It's sad that she waisted all her youth and years chasing after all this douche bag and let herself go in the process.
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
I think it's really strange that we portray Aniston as someone who can't keep a man, while Cameron has spent two decades dating nothing but losers who all dump her. You'd think after that public scene she caused after Justin Timberlake dumped her a$$ people would see her for the creepy clinger she really is. And how many times did she go running back to Timberlake AND A-Rod? Three or four times more than Aniston went on that merry go round with John Mayer that's for sure.
aliohh aliohh 5 years
Really... ten pictures of the same shot. She needs a good dermatologist and a good boyfriend. None of the guys she has been with are worth it. This is a girl who needs to be loved and cherished, as most women do. She has all the money she will ever need. But she needs to find someone worthy of her. .
BuggerOff BuggerOff 5 years
Always liked Cameron Diaz. But her face is not aging well. Looking so haggard.
LealandMS LealandMS 5 years
so her and arod r not together anymore?
Louie Louie 5 years
Dumbest headline ever.
loser60 loser60 5 years
like her but she looks soooooooooo old
LolaMD LolaMD 5 years
i love her casual style.
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