Cameron is on a press tour for her new movie The Holiday which is hitting theaters December 8th. We can't wait to check out the romantic comedy also starring Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. Not only is Cam busy dishing about her new movie, she's talking about her "perfect" almost 4 year relationship with Justin as well. She told OK! magazine, "I don't know if I do anything to annoy Justin. Nothing. I'm perfect. That's probably what drives him crazy!" Somehow we're guessing Carmen was being completely sarcastic, and we love her for it!

Most people are going to bash what she said but we think she is just being her cute, quirky self. Like Cameron's fabulous bag? Just click here to learn more about it. More pics of a perfect Cammie as she's leaving ABC studios in Times Square after a taping of GMA so