Cameron and Justin really don't like to be bothered by the cameras. They have fought with paparazzi for years and now another event has taken place where police reports are being filed. We knew JT looked pissed off the other day and now Cameron is claiming that they were assaulted with a deadly weapon - that weapon being a car. The photographer maintains that he did not assault the couple, and instead that he was verbally and physically assaulted by them. People reports:

According to the actress's report, "Diaz and Justin Timberlake were leaving a friend's home when a photographer hiding in the bushes tried to take a photograph of her," Harding says. "They both then chased the photographer for a short distance.

"The photographer then got into his car and drove toward both (of) them, causing Diaz to jump out of the car's way. She felt the driver was trying to hit both of them, and so she filed the report. She's alleging assault with a deadly weapon, with a vehicle."

In the statement, the agency says the photographer was not trying to hit Diaz with his car but was "attempting to leave what he perceived to be a dangerous situation for him and when he tried to do so, Ms. Diaz and at least one other member of her entourage stood in front of his car in an attempt to entrap him."

According to the agency, "The photographer is currently in the process of filing a complaint against Ms. Diaz and Mr. Timberlake."

X17 Online posted their statement as well. It's one big old mess. We want the pics, but we don't want lives in danger. JT and Cammie could lighten up a bit, but the photographers also shouldn't have to jump out of bushes to get a picture of the couple.