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Can We All Get A Restraining Order Against Paris Hilton?

We wrote about Paris having a major enemy named Brian Quintana. He has requested a restraining order again the heiress but apparently the feeling is mutual. AP reports:

Superior Court Commissioner Tim Murphy approved the restraining order after Brian Quintana, 37, testified that Hilton, 24, shoved him on at least three occasions and badmouthed him.

Quintana testified that he met Hilton a few years ago on the Hollywood party circuit and they had a social relationship. He said that he became friends with Stavros Niarchos III in September 2004, introduced him to Hilton and the two started dating.

Quintana said his relationship with Hilton soured after she interrupted a conversation in which Quintana was urging Niarchos to reconsider dating her. Quintana filed a police report and a request for a restraining order Dec. 29.

This is apparently the duo in happier times. The weird thing is this guy still has this lovely photo of this woman he hates on his site. Makes me wonder if he is just looking for a little press which would make him just as bad as her.


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