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Jeff15173849 Jeff15173849 3 years
Jennifer15163879 Jennifer15163879 3 years
I only got up to Anne Hathaway before I got bored. I must say though, she was working to get her degree at NYU, and Claire was getting her degree at Yale. Other women such as Angelina Jolie or Kate Moss were criticized by the media for their "party girl" ways -- similar to the backlash that Miley may have received, but unlike Miley... these women were people who you wanted party with. They made partying look fun. They made cocaine look chic if that is any way possible. It was glam... especially because they didn't go all around town looking for attention. They were trying to be discreet about it. Miley Cyrus is just trashy. No one forgot what it is like to be 20. We don't care about your age. We care that you keep "twerking" when you have no ass, with your tongue out (for what apparent reason?), and humping everything in sight... then choosing to be full nude for a music video. That's what you call an attention whore, not a hot mess who's in their twenties trying to have a good time.
Emily-Bibb Emily-Bibb 3 years
Um. Actually epic. #TBT
Aš14995275 Aš14995275 3 years
Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart :)
Janine14947516 Janine14947516 4 years
Excuse me but how are most of these women called starlets, women who are multimillionaire actresses and singers? There are many Academy and Emmy Award-winning stars, like Claire Danes, Anne Hathaway, and Angelina Jolie, on this list. To call them starlets is demeaning and sexist toward women who accomplished a lot. Is there a male equivalent of the word starlet. Of course not. Laura Marie Meyers, you should be ashamed of yourself.
Teresa14934346 Teresa14934346 4 years
Oh please! Almost all of these woman, if not in their early twenties, then at some point were mild or massive "train wrecks" or have had been gossip fodder for their actions at one time or another. Everyone goes through life's lessons. Everyone fights their own demons. Wether your 20, 30, 40, or hell, even older.
bellanatella bellanatella 4 years
I LOVE this article. Even though you are trying to remain objective by offering some extreme quotes from such stars as Angelina Jolie on drug use, etc. really that was the worst of it on their end, showing that it's not about being 20. Experimentation on your path to finding your true individual image is one thing...what Miley's doing is another. Regardless of the bad girl image some of these celebs cultivated, they didn't attempt to steal the show from every other person in the industry by being the MOST outlandish. They did what was rebellious to their old selves. I'm 20 next year and - though I'm not famous - can't say that I'd ever do any of the things she's done.
guarany guarany 4 years
all this women have a bad time on theyr lifes on 20, 30[they are no babys now] take you time and look under theyrs name and your hair my stand up on your head for what you will see
omg21 omg21 4 years
There are no ugly women, only poor women.
omg21 omg21 4 years
Anne Hathaway will always look like shit.
Karen14785206 Karen14785206 4 years
So, Miley, being trashy and basically a train wreck has nothing to do with being 20 years old. You are just attention thirsty.
gymrat87 gymrat87 4 years
I don't know why being 20 is an excuse for being trashy. There are plenty of 20 year olds that have fun and experiment without acting like Miley Cyrus does. Celebrities included. It's a publicity stunt.
sushibananas sushibananas 4 years
Would be awesome to see celebs in their 40's 50's and 60's in this article. A comparison of 23 to 20 is not much of a comparison. BUt loved the concept of the piece! Thanks!
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