As you know by now, it's wedding season mania on the Sugar Network. Since we wanted in on the fun, we created a guess who game full of celebrity rings! It includes some newly engaged lucky ladies, some of our favorite past couples, and sadly some celebs who are no longer wearing their rocks. It's hard, but don't worry, we'll give you some clues — even though we have a feeling some of you won't even need them.

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This actress sported this ring from her jewelry designer husband.

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This star is currently pregnant and engaged.

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This singer is wearing a classic ring from her hot man.

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This pop star was well-manicured when she showed off her ring.

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This PYT is married to one of Hollywood's most successful leading men.

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This supermodel with a super-big diamond is also a super mom.

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This famous housewife is a huge sports fan.

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This star's ring made big headlines back in 2002.

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For this starlet, the Honeymoon is over.

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This real girl's fake ring isn't the only unnatural thing she wears.

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This actress loves old Hollywood glamour like her old school pear-shaped engagement ring.

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These two lovely ladies have more than engagements in common.