With the sheer number of amazing celebrities who hit up the Met Gala in NYC last night, there were bound to be some inadvertent photobombs along the way. Tom Brady's hand seemed quite attached to his wife Gisele Bündchen's backside all night, which made its way into the background of more than a few photos. Joshua Jackson embraced the true spirit of the photobomb behind Anne Hathaway. Click through to see Amanda Seyfried popping up, January Jones's icy glare, and Kristen Stewart stealing the show even behind Katy Perry and her crown.

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Tom Brady sneaks in a grab

La La Anthony creeps in on Nina

Cameron's cape coming from behind

January and Stella sneak in a smoke

Mary-Kate Olsen wanders through Katie's shot

Watch out January, Michelle's right behind you

SJP's headdress takes Tiger's moment

Tom Brady can't stop smiling

John and Emily cuddle behind Gwyneth

. . . And from the other side

A trio of shots

Emmy Rossum tries to sneak out in front of Gavin and Gwen

Uma, Julianne. Julianne, Uma

Seriously, Tom can't stop smiling

Carey steps up behind Cameron

Renée and Michelle pose back to back

Kristen's stare almost distracts from Jessica Biel in the back

We see you, Maggie Gyllenhaal

Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart in dueling spotlights (Leslie Mann's there, too)

Dakota slips in while Sienna pouts for the camera

Awkward moments between Miley and Taylor?

When Nicole's hair is in the picture . . . it really steals the show

Did Amanda Seyfried change into an oversize t-shirt?

Amanda's eyes are hard to miss

Sister, sister photobomb from Elle

Alicia Keys's sequin moment behind Blake

Wait, Gisele! Tom stops to talk to Jimmy Fallon on the way out

Josh Jackson embraces a true photobomb moment!