Pioneer Electronics Automotive Navigation Systems Launch Party brought out all the B-list celebs on Thursday night. Of course there was Paris with her new BFF, Kimberly Stewart who may be her new co-star in The Simple Life. Nicole Richie was there but did not walk the red carpet (maybe it was a bad hair day or something). Lindsay Lohan was looking her blondest yet. Tara Reid was fully clothed, again - this girl never misses a party. Also Carmen Electra and hubby Dave Navarro (who was not wearing all black for once) were doing there best to make sure Carmen did not fall out of her top all night. She did look hot and had every reason to live it up as the party crowd also celebrated her 33rd birthday.

The reason celebs were there to support this product- according to Paris, "I would die without it. Who would use a map, that's so lame. Maps are 80's." Hmmm, wasn't she born in the 80's? Guess Paris have never seen a map because she certainly would not have been driving back then.