It was nice to see some emotion from Charlie last night. The tears in his eyes at the rose ceremony made him more human and less like a drunken buffoon man.

But seriously, what is he thinking about Krisily? Does anyone out there like her? I think she is terrible, weak, annoying and just not right for him. The only thing fun about Krisily was her Nana.

I like both Sarah's but I think little Sarah is in trouble since they have not had any intimate connections yet. Maybe next week on the fantasy dates they will connect and it will create fireworks. As for big Sarah W., she was clearly the frontrunner, but has since gotten a little crazy and totally cocky. Her new attitude with comments like, "I could ruin her" have got to go. She thinks she is better than everyone else and that is just not cool. I do think they look best together.

As for slutty Kimberly, I'm not surprised to see you go. Let's be honest, he liked having you around to make out with but you are just not nice enough to bring home to his parents. Go back to Canada to your Meatball ex-boyfriend.

Next week looks hot and we know at least one Sarah makes it through.