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Charlie, Denise, Heather, Richie, David Oh My

This story is just getting more and more out of control. Everyone wants to clear their image or fight for something. The latest is Charlie side of the story against Denise's allegations. While he has not publicly spoken out, his friends are speaking on his behalf. In fact, they are calling Denise the "Worst" parent. Page Six reports:

His manager, Mark Burg, is particularly angry about Richards' claims that Sheen likes gay porno and gambling and makes death threats. He told Page Six, "All of this is nothing more than child-custody issues.

"This all started because Charlie wanted 50-50 custody . . . When Denise said no. Charlie said, 'Then let a judge decide.' The next day, she comes out with a bunch of bull[bleep] claims.

"Did he gamble on sports? Big deal. Every guy I know does. Show me a guy who hasn't seen porn on the Internet. Does that mean he's not a good father? No. This guy lives for his kids. And she drummed all this up so he can't see his kids. It is the single worst behavior of a parent I have ever seen."

On the other side, David Spade who is now dating Heather Locklear is saying poor Heather is nursing the backstabbing wounds Denise and Richie have left behind. Apparently Heather found out about Richie and Denise the same way we all did - from those pictures that hit the internet a few days ago. To read more about Spade's interview with US, read more

From US Weekly:

Us: What can you tell us about the new budding romance between Denise Richards and Richie Sambora? How is Heather coping?

DS: All I know is she’s home nursing her knife wounds in the back tonight.

Us: How do you feel about it?

DS: That whole thing – objectively — looks a little rough. But I think that’s the common opinion. Guys you can kind of not trust. But girls usually cover each other. That’s why that makes that rougher than usual.

Us: Are you two growing closer?

DS: I don’t know what’s going on. I’m just lucky to know someone that’s that sweet and pretty.


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