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The Charlie, Denise, Richie, Heather Love Scandal

Charlie and Denise were clearly going to have a messy divorce when restraining orders were requested and dirty secrets were exposed. Everyone actually felt bad for Denise, that is until she stepped out with her BFF's new ex Richie Sambora . Then Denise told the world that the reason Heather's marriage ended was because Heather was unfaithful. Things finally settled a bit over the summer as Denise vacationed with Richie and Heather moved on with David Spade. We think Heather is probably better off without a friend like Denise who claimed their friendship was over long before she started dating Richie, but the whole thing went down wrong. The good news from this bizarre love scandal is that Charlie and Denise worked things out in a civil way for their cute little girls.

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Liza Liza 10 years
She filed a restraining order, big difference from going straight to the media. Clearly it was necessary as they now have achieved peace thank goodness, and most likely wouldt have got there without the help of the courts. She needed that restraining order, and she did not ''release'' anything to the press. Also, most of her allegations CAN be proven, and Charlie DID NOT contest anything in court at the time, he had no comeback to anything she had said. As Denise's sister said, Charlie chose NOT to give a desposition in defence at the time. Yet everyone continues to say she was in the wrong, HA! HE chose only to defend himself in the media which shows you who was the one playing games. How exactly did she ''backstab'' Heather? I'm still trying to work this one out since she and Heather hadnt even spoken in months prior to her getting together with Richie, so there was NO FRIENDSHIP at all between them at that point anyway. Richie had been dumped publicly, and treated like dirt. I don't get the whole mess that the MEDIA have created, and I also dont get why people choose to continue to hurl insults at Denise. Its so OLD, for goodness sake it will soon be a year ago now. GET OVER IT. They're together, they have stood by eachother through all of this, and seem really happy. i guess it must be jealousy or something (especially on Heather's part, since she's the one who is left with David Spade of all people. Even harder to believe that she was the one who cheated in the FIRST PLACE.) It infuriates me that Denise and Richie got left with the blame, it really does. I hope they can be really happy with their children.
sashak sashak 10 years
I think is is completely ridiculous for celebs to release all that to the media. IMO it is all a PR stunt. I think D was just trying to make herself look like some innocent little victim & distract everyone from the shit she did. Many many people allege things that can never be proven. Obviously no-one will ever know what went down in the marriage but I think it is shady as shit that she dropped all the allegations when her relationship w/ Richie came to light. & all she did was backstab a friend?? that is a pretty awful thing to do to your best friend. eems to me like she isn't really trustworthy...
Samantha Samantha 10 years
sashak - what??? I can't believe what you wrote - you think custody should go to Charlie? He cheated too, you know, with a porn star. And he is being accused of looking at kiddie porn on the internet. IF these allegations are true - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The worst thing Denise did was backstab her friend. Maybe she had reasons for leaking this to the media. Maybe she was scared. She alleges he pushed her, and would scream at her.
lolak lolak 10 years
Huh???? Maybe you should just say what you mean Kelly, for those of us who are just too tired to understand and to even try to figure it out :) I'm sure you have a good point in here somewhere.
kelly kelly 10 years
I forgot to add this I'm sure she she put his penis in her vagina! I mean how could he possibly resist her even though he knew she was still married and that....he was too? Let's not foget that he was "stole"...i really feel for him.Sniff...
kelly kelly 10 years
Oh! I guess Richie is an innocent little victim!A pure little thing,without brain,feelings and willpower,i bet he was raped by Denise by the way,by this fucking WHORE. SHE made him become her sex slave,she's the PIMP.I bet he's obliged to kiss her, i'm sure he HAS to have sex with her...i mean she's the woman... obviously she's a WHORE.She's a man's stealer cause obviously men are "things" that you can steal,they cannot make a decision,those poor little things.They don't know what NO means,they are here to obey us! Damn!Denise is such a WHORE,Kate Hudson is such a WHORE,so is Heather...this freaky WHORE!How dared she.How dared they?????
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
I missed the story where Denise said Heather was cheating. :? Oh well. This is old news?
dovima dovima 10 years
Denise doesn't bother me, i think she is hated because she is pretty and younger. heather started dating David while she was "still legally married" to Richie with a young kid and no one cared. other women are so catty.
teddybear teddybear 10 years
I agree Kelly. Richie is the cheater here. Denise is getting a divorce and dating a guy. Richie is a ho!!! Please stop putting women down. We need to stick together and put the blame on the person doing the wrong, the men!!!
kelly kelly 10 years
Oops!Sorry for the weird post...
kelly kelly 10 years
People ALWAYS BLAME THE WOMAN,even women themselves!Funny huh? People ALWAYS BLAME THE WOMAN!!! Even women themselves!LOL.
Pokemyhontas Pokemyhontas 10 years
What's the big news here? And as if Ritchie never cheated on Heather. Please.
Trixie6 Trixie6 10 years
Me too, kelly.
kelly kelly 10 years
I hate this word....whore Just hate it.
Aggie Aggie 10 years
I was wondering the same thing.. It's so old. And nothing new came out in the text? ______________________________________ \Don't chase the beat of your heart/
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
yeah why is this being mentioned again? we gave the ho enough torture back when it happened, im all cussed out
KatGoddess KatGoddess 10 years
I am confused why this story is coming up again? This is such old news.
sashak sashak 10 years
I am not a fan of Charlie or Heather, but Denise is a a horrid friend & a whore. I'd rather Charlie have custody of those girls. Whatever their issues, D had no business releasing all that to the public. A stated above, she dropped all of it after she was done slutting it up w/ her BEST FRIEND'S husband. Heather is WAY better off w/o her & I hope their is some vicious cat fight at Ivy one day. That and D is wicked fugly
summer-roberts summer-roberts 10 years
This is certainly not new to us. Every one will accuse the other of an affair if they think they will fair better in court. It does not matter if the Heather/Denise friendship was over when she hooked up with Richie, she was LEGALLY STILL MARRIED. That makes her unfaithful to Charlie. I do not care what he did, that does not give her the right to be a ho.
FB1977 FB1977 10 years
I agree Valeri... and I have to say...little Sam is not exactly cute...she looks just like her daddy!
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
after the things denise alleged in the restraining order i don't know how she could just drop the whole thing. either charlies was a threat or he wasn't. seems odd that as soon as denise got done traipsing all over europe with heathers husband she suddenly had no more issues with charlie. i'm bringing naughty back :naughty_elves:
iloveclothes86 iloveclothes86 10 years
denise richards = ho ho ho
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