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Charlie Hunnam Cast in 50 Shades of Grey Reaction

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey: Let Us Address Your Concerns

As you have probably heard by now, Charlie Hunnam has been cast as Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, and fans are not too excited about it. Sample tweet? "I'm so disappointed in Fifty Shades of Grey casting, like so disappointed." Yet, despite all this disappointment, there are plenty of reasons why the outrage is misguided. Charlie has the potential to be a stellar Christian Grey, and this role may make him the next Robert Pattinson. Read on for our responses to common complaints about the casting.

I have no idea who this guy is.

You may not know him, but there are people out there who do. FX's popular Sons of Anarchy boasts a very dedicated fan following. He is also the star of Pacific Rim, which earned Charlie favorable reviews when it came out this Summer. Plus, he is hot in it. See the evidence below.

But I wanted Ian Somerhalder!

While we don't doubt that Ian would have made a great Christian Grey, there are a lot of factors that go into casting a movie, like availability and budget. Even so, Bret Easton Ellis did spill that E L James told him the Vampire Diaries smolder king was "never in the running" for the lead role. Besides, remember the confusion and outrage that took place when then-unknown Robert Pattinson was cast in the lead in Twilight? Before the film came out, nearly 75,000 fans had signed an online petition asking the producers to ditch Rob for the project because he wasn't hunky enough.


He's too scruffy looking to play Christian Grey.

That's because he's playing a biker for most of the year on Sons of Anarchy. Trust us, Charlie can clean up nicely, and he looks very good without his shirt.

Keep reading for more reasons why Charlie will be great.

Christian has copper hair in the book.

It's pretty rare to find an available, handsome, and age-appropriate actor with perfectly natural "copper" hair in Hollywood. Besides, there is always hair dye.

He's British, and Christian is American!

Now, let's not turn into anglophobes here. E L James is British, so it isn't surprising that she would lean towards a fellow countryman to play her leading man. Plus, Charlie has convincingly played an American for years in Sons of Anarchy. And, let's be honest, we aren't against another sexy British actor gaining steam in America.

He just isn't who I had in my mind to play Christian.

Fair enough, but don't let that dissuade you from seeing the movie. After all, the movie is all going to hang on how Charlie and Dakota Johnson, who will play Ana Steele, interact and producer Michael De Luca already tweeted that the pair had "incredible chemistry." At least wait until you've seen the trailer to make up your mind about seeing the film.

Image Sources: Warner Bros. and Getty
Join The Conversation
Miranda-Jones Miranda-Jones 3 years
I love Charlie as Jax and can't wait to see him as Christian.
Margarethe Margarethe 3 years
here comes Jesse James ...I can't believe that..he is perfect for that crap
leaglagla leaglagla 3 years
Thanks fot the article Popsugar!! Never read the books but i'll see the movie only because of him!! You all have to give him a chance! He's so hot!!
MAMAMA9999 MAMAMA9999 3 years
I see...2~5 are good. Maybe his natural and acting win than any other negative factors? Plus each of 2~5 looks other guy, funny. Ok I got it. But....still favorite actors...
Misscaribean Misscaribean 3 years
Great body but even though he is cute I was expecting someone hotter like Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer! The kind of man that make you feel like Claire Danes in Romeo & Juliet with one smile! :(
Pierrette2357388 Pierrette2357388 3 years
I think it will be just fine with him in that role . I never read the books don't intend to ! I know of him from SOA but never watch the show , but saw Pacific Rim and i liked what i saw . In my opinion he's too good for this flick .... but a little controversy always seems to help , look what happened with Pattinson ??.. Not saying it's the same thing .. just hope it's the right move for him , cause i definitely want to see more of him in the future .
JennyV12 JennyV12 3 years
i wanted ian for the role! but i think charlie is gonna be a good christian grey
MelanyMacDougall MelanyMacDougall 3 years
The absolute perfect pick for the role of Christian Grey! There us no one better! He has nailed every role he has played so far. All those who say Charlie Hunnam is a bad choice will eat their words!
jen_NY jen_NY 3 years
i love charlie hunnam and still not sure what to think of this... think he's far too good of an actor to be in this kind of movie :/
Fooshii-Cupii14842335 Fooshii-Cupii14842335 3 years
Ok maybe with out his beird and shorter hair I guess
tillieadelson tillieadelson 3 years
I'm more confused that anything else!
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