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aoitenshi aoitenshi 9 years
Wow she looks stunning!
adrianna52 adrianna52 9 years
I watched the whole interview as well , she never bringed the ' rights" she was talking with the (edited) reporter who told her about the freedom of speech and she told him that there is any perfect country with 100% freedom of speech bringing the example of the journalists who have been fired during the Irak war just becasue they had a different opinon about what happend , and personally i couldn't agree more ,and if i said " jealous" cuz sorry what you were saying is based on a ridiclous low craps with no sense ( that what i find "being kind of smart")like rude, b*tch just for the sick of hating and bashing cuz you obvioulsy find nothing to say about her and since she is not doing the covers of the tabloids...that what i was pointing out, what you were saying is not justyfing cuz there is any sense,and that has nothing to do with having an opinion or not don't try to play with words , you're allowed to have an opinon as i am,especially face to that kind of a free bitching . And just because i respect this woman for what she has been through ,for her privacy, and respecting her talent .doesn't mean im fanatical as the incorrect statement you're giving here im not blind and apparently im not the only one and we have to be really dump to not make a difference for example between spears and theron . Just because im not bashing , bitching and criticizing someone and without any reason , make me ( or us here) fanatical .
Ginger Ginger 9 years
That's great that you had a positive personal experience with Ms. Theron. No doubt many people have, but not everyone. I have seen multiple interviews of her over the years where she did not impress me for being kind or smart and the interview on the Cuban documentary I refer to is the CNN interview, the whole interview, not an edited clip. In the whole interview, after her naive comparison on the rights between Cubans and Americans, she tries to change the subject by saying she wants to make out with the interviewer. It's incorrect to suggest that anyone with a different opinion is jealous. I've already said that I've enjoyed some of her performances, but after reading such biased fanatical opinions of her here, (with no tolerance for someone with a different opinion,) it really makes me less inclined to watch her.
adrianna52 adrianna52 9 years
I've meet her personally off camera and she was one of the most adorable sweet person ever she signed me an autograph and i took a picture of her if you want i'll send it to you ,she is so simple and so down to earth , if you're jealous and have found nothing to say about her putting your creating low craps that's your problem but to say that it's not true and all the ppl who met her say how much lovely she is, journalist to the director.. in the red carpets she is always cool ad lovely with the journalist she has nothing of a diva ,and when you say we " all have a problem" yes sure we all have a problems but i doubdt that you saw your father death face to your eyes it's not a communt " problem" it's a "horryfing drama" it's easier for you sitting here in your safe chair bitching and criticizing someone you don't now you have no idea the horor this woman has been through im wondering which reaction you would have if you'll see your father death face to u and wich person you would be after if not finishing in a psyciatry or shooting yourself .And im not talking about the misery she had been through to get a job to study and find a food . As for the "edited video" that's your talking about she said that there is no " perfect" country that every one had itsflaws she did a wonderful doncumantery of this amasing artists in cuba and she showed a differnt face of cuba that we ignored, and if you're trying to make as if she don't like us you're complely wrong athta's has nothing to do with the us ppl she loves us and said what do you think im living here and she had lately her us citizen ship she was on the other hand poiting out the politic of " bush" and his governement and she is so right . She succed by her only own hard work and she became famous by her own talent and not by having a rich famous parents in hollywood or by sleeping with a famous actor , she is private and clean we see her only in the premiers of her movies or at the awards shows whene she get nominated, she deosn't make the covers of the tabloid every week , i resepct her for that , some attention hoes in hollywood should take some notes , i wish there will be a lot of " charlize therones " in this industry , a real humble talented actresses who know the real life .
XpsX XpsX 9 years
mlen mlen 9 years
she's so gorgeous
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
maybe the ugly roles help her get into character a bit better...who knows. at least she's doing something - since it seems like it's been a while since she's been in a film.
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
she's an amazing woman. and I love Dior to heavens!
Ginger Ginger 9 years
If you don't consider the media a reliable source for the negative, than why would you find the same media reliable for the positive things written about her? There are lots of reports of her less than stellar behavior, like snubbing fans when the cameras are off, being a rude and a diva. I've seen many interviews with her and always thought she seemed pretty self-absorbed and not very bright. I remember one interview years ago when she was talking about what a bitch she was to some people--her own term. A couple of years ago she was saying that the lack of freedoms in the US was comparable to the lack of freedom in Cuba, which seems like a misinformed exaggeration to me, while talking about the documentary on Cuban rappers she produced, East of Havana, which was widely panned for being manipulative and skewing facts. Sure she had some horrible tragedies, many people have. (Technically reports say she was in the house when her mother shot her father, but it wasn't right in front of her.) But that doesn't make her a better person. She's visually beautiful and I've enjoyed some of her movies, but I still don't think of her as a beautiful human being.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
I think it's good she goes for roles with more substance instead of just playing the pretty characters.
aquariuspatsfan aquariuspatsfan 9 years
yes morgs it's true. What a horrible thing to go through. Her father was an abusive alcholic and Charlize saw him get shot down right before her when she was 15. And there are a lot of other things in her past that she doesn't like to talk about. I was reading this article where the director of Monster says Charlize told her this story about being in South Africa and seeing someone in a burning car and then someone took a gun and blew the persons head off right in front of her eyes when she was only 5! Imagine seeing all that when she was so young! That's why her performance in Monster is so powerful because she really was putting all her personal demons through Aileen Wuornos as she was portraying her. She's been through a lot. And she has to be an incredible strong woman to have come through it and be a successful leading lady and producer and play these complex female characters because she loves to act. I mean you look at someone like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears wasting their life away and then you look at someone like Charlize Theron who had to have been through much worst and still manages to survive it all. What a strong and incredible woman.
Asche Asche 9 years
I agree aquariuspasfan. Charlize is amazing and I have never viewed her as cocky. She always seems quite down to earth and seems truly grateful for her position in life. This is a woman who comes from humble beginnings and a very unstable homelife. Didn't she watch her mother murder her father in self-defense? Or is that just a rumor that has plagued her career?
ElectricMadison ElectricMadison 9 years
the hair is not questionable, it's hot as hell. she can do no wrong. and she has a rep for smoking up. all the better. I love her!
BeautyXRush BeautyXRush 9 years
She says that because shes like the most beautiful woman ever.
adrianna52 adrianna52 9 years
I agree aquariuspasfan, she is one of the most real , down to earth ,adorable and private ppl in this industry all the ppl who work with her say it , she deosn't make scandals as the most of the hollywood hoes ...and she knows the real life as you said she had been through a horror im still thinking how she handles it i would shoot myself in her place what a lesson of courage ,i respect her so much for that ,and she is so talented she got the acting in her blood ...and i said big up for her work in africa and all the money she is sending without screaming for it and being low key . Oh and she is stunningly beautiful a real goddess she has the beauty of the golden age .
aquariuspatsfan aquariuspatsfan 9 years
and you people that say she has a bad personality. Well she always comes across as being so down to earth and normal. And eveyrone who has worked with her has said how cool and down to earth she is. And she's a caring person. She's been through a lot in her life. She saw her father shot dead by her mother in self defense when seh was 15. And she saw someone in a burning car get their head blown off when she was only 5! She's seen and been through a lot adn that's why she is so grateful for coming to hollywood and being able to make up and now she's able to get strong roles for women instead of eye candy roles. Some of her quotes in the press are taken completely out of context you people have to remember. Everyone who sees her in person or even on a talk show and you see her she seems totally cool and down to earth. But also real she doesn't act fake nice like some celebs like Julia Roberts trying to me Miss America's Sweetheart. She's just a strong cool down to earth chick.
aquariuspatsfan aquariuspatsfan 9 years
Hey the girl can't help it if she's gorgeous. She can't help it if all everyone focuses on is her looks. She is always considered either "too pretty" for a role or "just uglying up" for a role. Ugh in Monster she was playing a real life woman Aileen Wuornos. She couldn't play her looking like a supermodel! She had to transform. And what's important is the acting and I rate that performance as one of the best performances of all time. Male actors like De Niro and Christian Bale and Tom Hanks can physically transform for their roles and they are applauded for it yet when a beautiful statuesque blonde woman does it then people want ot act like it's a negative or a stunt. I think that's a double standard. And when she did In the Valley of Elah last year people were saying she was doing it again when all she was doing was dying her back brown. That's her natural color. So what? And they were saying she was wearing plain clothes. Ugh she was wearing her police uniform! She was playing a detective people. People are so shallow and image obsessed when it comes to pretty actresses. And its' really unfair because she is a great beauty and an actress. Why can't you be both? I don't recall any actress that looked like blonde bombshell goddess getting serious respect as an actress EVER but Charlize definitely deserves more respect. She's a gifted dramatic actress with a dark past who puts her heart and soul in her roles.
CelebFanChatRaph CelebFanChatRaph 9 years
She looks great
kiwigirl kiwigirl 9 years
she is scrumptious. i'd kill to have skin like that. it just glows!
Kitty-Collins Kitty-Collins 9 years
that haircut flatters her face.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
I've read some interviews that made her personality seem kind of ugly, so if I were to rate the whole person, that might carry more weight than her complexion and smile.
DreaAST DreaAST 9 years
I don't think her personality is great but she is so pretty!
Electric-Bird Electric-Bird 9 years
She's obviously not ugly and I think she's a great drama actress, but unfortunately I don't like her personality.
bb_atthebeach bb_atthebeach 9 years
She is one of those amazing artist that look effortlessly beautiful! A lucky woman for sure! I absolutely LOVE her... she is one of my favourite!
Asche Asche 9 years
It is so refreshing to see an actress who is not only talented, but uses her publicity for good (her AIDS awareness crusade in South Africa). Hollywood needs more people like Charlize, Clooney, and the Jolie-Pitts!
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