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Check Out How POPSUGAR Is Changing!

At POPSUGAR, we have a blast sharing everything we all love across all the topics we're so passionate about. We've gushed over our favorite products and the most amazing celebrity images and videos; we've shopped the up-and-coming trends and discovered designers with ShopStyle; we've even watched some of you become moms. And we've grown to create unparalleled original videos about all the things you care about. Today, we're making a big change. We're bringing all of our content and shopping together under one home: the new POPSUGAR.

Over the next few weeks, there will be some exciting innovations here, and while we'll be adding to the editorial and video content you love, we won't be losing anything. We're making it easier to find and shop. We'll continue to deliver the biggest moments, the hottest trends, and the best tips in entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness, and food — and the ability to shop for it all.
POPSUGAR and our companion site names now reflect a unified place as your leading entertainment and lifestyle content and shopping destination. We also got a bit of a face-lift. We're bringing you new, easy-to-navigate categories across the top of the site. Click through to find everything you love in fashion, beauty, fitness, moms, living, entertainment, celebrity, sex and culture, and so much more!
Plus, there are new ways to view your favorite POPSUGAR stories. View stories by "latest" or "popular," or see our gorgeous new "grid view." Our videos and POPSUGAR Shopping — formerly ShopStyle — are also more accessible along the top of the site. In the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out even more exciting features, ways to interact with our stories, and our huge POPSUGAR TV launch.
We hope you love it as much as we do, but we want to hear what you think. Send your feedback to!

POPSUGAR is everything you love, all in one place.

Join The Conversation
karyn-riggione karyn-riggione 4 years
I rely on the "create" for forcasting spring looks. My blogs at are being help up! YIKES. Can you tell me when you will be up and running...PLEASE Hurry!
lauren lauren 4 years
@ooh la la blog, we are hoping to have the looks back up really soon! Stay tuned. @sbaum555 just click on Living and Home in the drop down to find the latest home decor!
Ooh-La-La-Blog Ooh-La-La-Blog 4 years
How long will I continue to see the message Our apologies, but community features are temporarily unavailable? I want to create a look, but haven't been able to do so for a week.
sbaum555 sbaum555 4 years
Love the new look, sad that I don't know how to find casasugar content anymore.
japgirl japgirl 4 years
I liked the old look better. I felt like it was more interactive reading panels of photos and scrolling like a magazine rather then just looking at a list. Popsugar has always been more like a fun quirky site to visit (Especially loved the names) but now the look feels cold. Maybe I just need to get used to it, but right now I don't think it's a fun reading through the site especially cause I do most of my viewing on an iPad. Hope the site listens to feedback and I look forward to better changes and improvements. Good luck!
Karen-Datangel Karen-Datangel 4 years
I am not sure how I feel about this yet. I think the new minimalist look is good and clean, but what's going to happen to the site names like BuzzSugar, GeekSugar, etc.? If it's just going to be known as PopSugar Entertainment, PopSugar Tech, etc. then I will certainly miss the unique names.
Molly-Goodson Molly-Goodson 4 years
Hi everyone, We appreciate all the feedback. As we said, this is a work in progress and watch for more changes in the coming weeks. We're listening to everything you have to say!
Ciris Ciris 4 years
I think for the detailed view the picture needs to be on the right, or the headline needs to be bolder but more consice. Also for a daily links entry/post I would like to be able to see the whole list like we used to rather than having to click through to the article page to then see all the links and find the one that I was interested in the first place. Furthermore for the list of within Sugar links, the symbols representing the various sections of Sugar Inc were helpful in quickly determining what the section was and relevance of the content-- I would like those back as well.
dmaclean dmaclean 4 years
I agree with everything you are saying
dmaclean dmaclean 4 years
Yes I agree with you Karen
karen7782 karen7782 4 years
I'm going to join those that are not fans of the new look. It is disorienting and not at all straight forward. Finding the parts you want to read takes too much browsing and clicking.
newGoldmarie newGoldmarie 4 years
Ok, another fifteen minutes of desoriented clicking and watching enerving videos led to the following announcement: Popsugar and I did have a long and satisfying history but that is over from now on. I know this maybe hard to believe (but luckily some other girls here tend to feel the same as I can see in the comments) but some people actually read, not just WATCH redundant videos. Too many videos, too little content, no overall orientation. I will miss you, Popsugar. We had fun, right? But that does not generate money, necessarily. Take care.
newGoldmarie newGoldmarie 4 years
all I can see is: more images, more videos, more shopping (as if we needed this here) and a lot of lost content. we're not losing anything? we DO.
dmaclean dmaclean 4 years
I don't like the new fitsugar. I miss all the great workout sad......
dmaclean dmaclean 4 years
I don't like this new fitsugar. I miss all the great workout videos. So sad.....
Go2Girl Go2Girl 4 years
visually stimulated and addicted to the new look!
Katie-Henry Katie-Henry 4 years
So pretty! L. <3. V. E. the HUGE images.
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 4 years
love the new designs!!
KWM KWM 4 years
Gorgeous!! Congrats everybody!
Grace-Wilcox Grace-Wilcox 4 years
Looks awesome! So exciting!
Angelica Angelica 4 years
Looking good!
rosebone rosebone 4 years
I don't like the new redesign. I used to use this website to look at my favorite brands and see what had gone on sale that day. I don't see a way to filter out all other brands and only show my favorite brands. Without this feature, this site is worthless to me. I don't come to shopstyle for lifestyle tips or advice on what's trending; I come for the advanced search capabilities, which you killed.
nicole121482 nicole121482 4 years
I think I'm going to be in the minority here, but I completely DISLIKE this new format! I can't find anything that I like to read about or look at...videos may be great for some people but I generally spend all day on this site while at work, reading articles, not watching videos...and now I can't find anything...wish it wouldn't have changed...
Fassionista Fassionista 4 years
The look maker no longer works. So sad
maggieeisenberg maggieeisenberg 4 years
I am having too much fun and can't go to is beautiful. Amazing work and thank you!!!!
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