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Chris Brown Due to Appear in Court Today For Alleged Assault on Rihanna

Chris Brown Due to Appear in Court Today Amid More Evidence and Rumors

Chris Brown's court date is set for today as the DA begins prosecution against him for his alleged assault on Rihanna. Despite the two singers' recent reconciliation and even if Rihanna isn't pressing charges, the DA might have enough evidence for a case.

On the night of the incident, Rihanna apparently revealed that there were multiple incidents of escalating violence. Even more gruesome and disturbing details about the alleged assault, including a detailed description of exactly what went down, have been uncovered, and Rih's bloody Gucci dress and the car are part of the evidence.

Meanwhile, the couple's reunion isn't sitting well with many of Rihanna's family members, which is especially understandable since there are disturbing rumors that Chris is the one who tipped off the paparazzi to document his reconciliation. Sounds like a calculating way to make it look like all is forgiven and forgotten. Chris might be working out a plea bargain with his lawyers, and we'll have more updates for you as the court situation progresses.


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izzyices izzyices 8 years
I think this is horribly sad. Obviously she has lost touch with reality. This isn't for PR, supposedly her people were trying to damage control right away because obviously she is a role model for young women. Supposedly Chris Brown's PR people told him that they needed to get back together to show that 'maybe' it isn't as bad as it seems. The face that they got back together isn't suprising. It is just the way he has zero remorse for what he did that makes me so angry. Tipping off the reconciliation and having fun all day on jet skiis? I really hope that he goes to jail, he more than deserves it. I hope his career is ruined too. Who would support someone like that? I also think it is gross that P. Diddy offered his house for the reconciliation. 'Oh you beat your 21 year old girlfriend and now want to get back together so your image isn't ruined? No problem, here is the keys to my house." WTF, seriously.
vanprooyen vanprooyen 8 years
I totally agree with people that Rihanna's choice to go back to Chris Brown is not a good decision. But to call her stupid is really inappropriate. It means you really don't have empathy for her and what she is going through. I do hope she realizes she deserves much more (as do all women) than to be in an abusive relationship but it's not always that easy.
vlada vlada 8 years
It's disgusting what he did to her and I certainly can't understand why she's gone back to him. I think the emotional side of abusive relationship isn't given the same weight as the physical. I've read interviews where she has said she feels very alone and she only feels close to Chris and one other friend. So getting out of a situation like that can be very tough, especially in the entertainment industry when you can't trust most people. She may feel that she'll be even more alone without him.
wackydeli wackydeli 8 years
did you read what he did to her? its disturbing,she is a fucking moron for going back to that! and as far as the "dont judge her" comments pure bullshit. ive had that shit happen to me and i said no way ,trust me seeing your face looking like it hit a brick wall is no joke. where is her family?
Myst Myst 8 years
Sad situation. I just can't look at him the same. I never liked his music to begin with but now when its on the radio I have to switch
sandy82 sandy82 8 years
I'm so sad for her. I've dealt with many intelligent patients who are suffering from spousal abuse. From the outside looking in, the obvious solution is to leave the abuser but so many stay. Some believe the guy will change, that they deserve it, that they're overreacting, find excuses for the behavior etc. It's too easy to judge when we haven't experienced it. I hope she finds the strength to leave him.
cutiecake cutiecake 8 years
Rihanna is young and has a lot to learn. She'll open her eyes one day. Hopefully, before it's too late.
mar mar 8 years
and Usher is a great bigpussy for taking back his comments that were dead on!!!!!
mar mar 8 years
Chris Brown is a scumbag. My husband has a vile temper, and in 11 years, he has NEVER laid a hand on me, even if I deserved it. There is no excuse for beating a woman bloody, just none, and I absolutly hate Chris brown and his smugass face he had while he was playing on his jet ski. Rhianna is just plain dumb. A lot of woman stick around due to being scared, no support system and lack of funds, this girl has ALL OF THE ABOVE going for her, and she does not know it??? THERE IS NO EFFIN EXCUSE!!!!!!
romes romes 8 years
There is suppose to be blood in the car and worse photos. People in abusive relationships are brain washed and are out of touch with reality. They become isolated from their friends and family. They are both sick and need help. It's only going to get worse.
dm8bri dm8bri 8 years
This is just sad.
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
I hope he gets what he deserves.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 8 years
What a real man he is, beating a woman up. How about he chooses someone his own size for once? I hate abusers. I sincerely think this is not a single incident between these two, but if that's true and she's been sticking with him anyway, it means that she's going to keep coming back for more. Tsk. Bloody Gucci dress. Maybe next time she won't even make it, who knows, some people get out too late.
danela danela 8 years
If Chris has done this dirty job I'm not his side at all He must be punished for such act even if rihanna has forgiven him or denying the truth What kind of love is that...........................
GMarie GMarie 8 years
Abuse goes deeper than theA physical. An abuser beats his victim down emotionally and mentally as well, until that victim believes anything the abuser says ("You can't live without me", "I'm so sorry,baby - I just love you so much, and you make me crazy). An abuser grinds his victim down, stripping them of dignity and self esteem and individual identity. Obviously, I think Rihanna should leave Chris Brown, but I don't think it's unusual or surprising that she'd go back. I only hope that she's able to find the strength to leave before he kills her.
lemamike lemamike 8 years
Oh my god that makes me sick.
solitaire solitaire 8 years
The bottom line is, if Rihanna stays with him she'll end up dead.
eveday eveday 8 years
And it'll gross me out even more if she's with him for professional reasons. Are they (her and his PR teams)kidding me? Does she really want to come out as a humiliated, abused woman who accepted his half-a$$ apology?
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
I had people questioning my decision to divorce because I wasn't 'abused enough'. And I've had friends abused left and right and refused to leave. It's an individual decision and only she can make it. She has to value herself more than a lifestyle with him in it.
eveday eveday 8 years
I totally agree with Lukin's comment (#9). I was talking to a (male) friend of mine and he said something like "if she gets beaten up again, then it will be her fault". It sounded harsh yet I couldn't help but agreeing with him.
nylorac nylorac 8 years
poor rihanna. i hope she knows that by staying with him she is being a terrible role model to her young fans. i am losing respect for chris brown by the day, and i can't even listen to any of his songs and don't see myself supporting his music again.
Lukin Lukin 8 years
I understand the cycle of violence and the professional pressure I'm sure is being gently placed on her to go back to Chris Brown, but it's hard for me to feel sorry for her. She has NO excuses to stay with him -- she's most definitely not financially independent on him, she has a family who is obviously willing to support her, friends who are standing behind her, etc.
gailsie gailsie 8 years
How could you truly trust someone ever again, after something like this has taken place? The photographs speak volumes louder than any words.
Shannolyn Shannolyn 8 years
If all the allegations are ture--which is seems more than very likely that they are, with the evidence--then I would not mind one bit if the judge in his case decided to make an example of Chris Brown and send a message with some VERY strong and harsh charges/judgment. If she can't bring herself to do it and press charges, I just want to see someone hold this guy accountable. So far, despite what public statement he may have issued. I'm seeing no evidence of any remorse on his part. That's as scary as it is sickening.
eveday eveday 8 years
I'm disgusted. Really. And the more I read about him, the more I want to punch him in the face...but I'd probably end up in the hospital since he's soooo good at beating women up. I'm still hoping she will come to her senses and leave him for good though. She can't be that stupid.
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