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otay otay 8 years
He was just probably having a bad day, and it sounded like he needed to really concentrate on his work during that scene and the DP was ruining it for him, he shouldn't have gone off on him for that long, but oh well what's done is done. Still love him! I love you Christian Bale!!
dathomir dathomir 8 years
He was screaming at the DP,Shane Hurlbut, who started mucking about with lighting in the middle of a scene. The scene in question, was a very emotional and tough scene between Christian Bale and Bryce Howard. A scene that required soul bearing and a deep level of immersive concentration. The sort of scene where everyone on set knows not to get in anyone's eye lines, and definitely not to move lights around while FILMING. Bale had indeed warned the DP on multiple occasions about messing with lights while the cameras were rolling, and Bale was in the midst of a painful scene with Bryce, what was described as being the emotional center of the film and his character for the film. So before people start judging him, you should try to find out what actually happened before calling for boycotts of Bale's movies. I think for a scene so important to a movie, the crew should know not to do something so stupid. And the "Eugene" that was mentioned by Frankly Ava is actually McG - the films director.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
If you listen to the audio it also sounds like he is screaming at some guy named Brice who was trying to calm him down (not cool) and was screaming asking if Eugene saw what happened. Uncomfortbale for everybody.
MFOX4 MFOX4 8 years
For a man screaming about professionalism, he was showing none himself. Very bad form, Mr. Bale. I'm not impressed.
Sicariluv Sicariluv 8 years
Hes still the one of the greatest out there and I still love him as I have since he was running around naked with a chainsaw chasing a prostitute. I'm sure he was just seriously in character, I mean hell his costar lost his life cuz he was way into a character. Love him!
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
"Haven't we all gone off on something dumb and random before?" I can honestly say I've never gone off and yelled and cursed at anyone for minutes on end because of a dumb mistake. Especially at work.
talie talie 8 years
and to those who think what he did was okay, whould you still say the same thing if it was you, he was screaming at?
talie talie 8 years
He's a crazy man loosing it like that just because someone passing through his sence & i don't care how many times, not only i'm NOT going to watch this movie, i'm not going to watch any of his movies either, he's an A$$hole, who does he think he is? he's such an arrogant, if he thinks he's above everybody, he should think twice, i feel sorry for anyone who gets to work with him, I SAY LETS BOYCOTT HIS MOVIES TO TEACH HIM A BIG LESSON THAT HE SHOULDN'T LOOSE HIMSELF & ALWAYS BE A GRACIOUS PERSON EVEN WHEN HE THINK HE'S A BUSY ACTOR, hey christian the same people who made you can also break you, come down from your high horses man.
tootspawpaw tootspawpaw 8 years
His anger was so over the top and suddenly his past issues dont seem far fetched anymore because too many incidents now are happening like his family,former agent,3:10 to Yuma cast said on NY Times Bale is a diva back then. Work problems happen and we all have problems in life but you dont react this way. Bale acted like its Armageddon and he's worst than our gracious soldiers coming home from the war suffering from PTSD. What's his excuse? Our soldiers go through so much more than him. He's insane but what a loser and spoiled brat. Its sad many good and talented people are jobless but jerks like Bale are employed. Its Terminator not Shakespeare. Its obvious this is nothing compared to Arnold and Cameron's Terminator and Im already hearing even his Depp movie by Mann by early screeners and movie insiders claim its again a wasted movie like Miami Vice. Gone are the Mann days like Collateral and Heat.
tiabia tiabia 8 years
svenka, if James Cameron were directing the movie we would be hearing his voice instead of Bale's ;-)
svenska svenska 8 years
Do not mess with the art that is Terminator 4! God! ;) I, personally, don't have a problem with Christian's little rant. Haven't we all gone off on something dumb and random before? Also, one of first rules on a set is after action is called NO ONE but actors are supposed to be moving around (unless you have a mobile cameraman, then they and the grips move too, but no one else) and you do not get into an actor's line of site. And from the sounds of it, this was the 2nd time this DP had done this. Now why McG didn't step in and stop this from the beginning is beyond me. It's the director's job to control the set and just letting an actor rant and rave for several minutes, not stepping in, and then giving a weaselly excuse that he didn't see it is ludicrous. For all the blame Christian is getting for his actions, McG should be getting as much, if not more, for his appalling leadership on set. Now if James Cameron were still doing the Terminator movies... Epic.
Wicked Wicked 8 years
I think Christian MIGHT have anger problems.
crusaders crusaders 8 years
Bale is balefully boring an actor and no wonder he plays his jerky roles so well because he is one. I pity his wife and daughter. He sounded like a diva and brat.
aristocrat1 aristocrat1 8 years
AHole Bale is not a shock.Ive read many fans that met him male and female also reporters and photogs that had horrifying experiences with him.
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 8 years
I don't give a damn who you are, you just don't talk to people like that. I've always heard what a real jerk CBale is, this tirade just confirms it!
tiabia tiabia 8 years
This is why it sucks that they are releasing this MONTHS after the now people can add their two cents. I think the studio is just as ridiculous as Bale's tantrum.
hills hills 8 years
my goodness, christian bale is a blooming idiot, im ashamed someone could be such a complete arse to another person, for someone who seems so shy and away from the press he seems to love the sound of his own voice....what a total dissapointment i really used to like him and think he seemed a lovely down to earth normal bloke, he dosn't just come across, he screams out diva and let down. massive shame. that poor man, and by the sounds of it he only walked across a set, i hope he dosn't speak like that around his daughter.
Golightlygirl Golightlygirl 8 years
GeekyPOP- I know that everyone has bad days. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone says dumb things. I know I certainly have. But for Christian Bale to respond the way he did demonstrates a surprising lack of self control. I cannot imagine that the director of photography thought to himself "Why don't I completely annoy and distract Christian by walking across the set?" It was unintentional....he apologized....and still Christian violently berated him. In my opinion, Bale's tirade amounts to verbal abuse. And that's not ok.
acyl acyl 8 years
Bale pulled "a Bill O'Riley" (sp?), like the one Steven Colbert showed!
zeze zeze 8 years
"He treated that guy like sh!t and went off on him for more than three minutes. It was pretty abusive. ... that's just not acceptable behavior to me." Agreed Jude. Makes this worse is that I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he allegedly attacked his mother and sister and this was just A FEW DAYS AFTER THAT INCIDENT came out. No one deserves to be humiliated and ranted at like that in the work place for a small mistake (walking in his line of sight). If you are such a great actor that you feel you can talk to anyone in any way you like then you should be good enough not to be bothered by something like seeing someone in you're line of sight. He was an abusive, egotistical jerk, and honestly, it will make liking him in a movie that much harder now. P.S. His voice was ridiculous in Batman!
hottinpink9021 hottinpink9021 8 years
I really don't believe that is Christain Bale...He seemed like such a nice guy. But even if it is he's still one of my favorite actors, he just has anger problems...
eveday eveday 8 years
I really don't think we have the right to make any kind of judgment on something so benign. BENIGN? Really? :shocked:
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
He treated that guy like sh!t and went off on him for more than three minutes. It was pretty abusive. He's good-looking and all, but that's just not acceptable behavior to me.
geekyPOP geekyPOP 8 years
I really don't think Christian deserves all this crap from strangers and the public for 3 minutes of frustration and anger. He was probably working really hard and getting stressed out and was having a horrible day. I have horrible days too and I get mad and make stupid mistakes too. But I don't get berated by everyone and their mom about it and he shouldn't either. People are just exploiting and profiting from it now. I really don't think we have the right to make any kind of judgment on something so benign. Even the people in the tape seem to understand that Christian was just having a bad day because they reacted with calmness and patience. I just hope that the public can be more understanding and open minded about these kinds of things.
laurelm laurelm 8 years
Ugh, I loved Christian Bale, but if he is just another Hollywood star douche, forget him. Geez treat people with some respect, the guy apologized like 5 times.
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