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Christina is not Drunk, Just Tired

We all heard about Christina's drunken night this week and saw her getting carried via piggy back out of a club in London at 5 am. Well, now we get a few details from the crazy night. Apparently she racked up a $3800 bill at the Kaberet Prophecy club. But a friend of Christina's is saying she wasn't wasted. They said, “Not only is she very little, but she was quite tired because she’s in the middle of her tour.”

Well perhaps going to bed at 5 am while on tour isn't the best idea. We hope she got the rest she needed while working so hard in the UK and performing on stage. More pics of Christina looking more awake than the other night so







Join The Conversation
stone_soup stone_soup 10 years
Love her shoes! ____________________________________ Don't tick me off. Or you'll get it.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Why make it such a big deal. No one needs to make excuses for her.
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
She looks better now.
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
i love her scarf. POPSUGAR, where can we find one like it?
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
Yeah, I think it's a stupid excuse too. We all know she was drunk, I'd prefer her to just say "yeah, I was drunk, i like to have some fun sometimes" then stupid excuses about being tired.
DulceSkye DulceSkye 10 years
Yeah, getting tipsy every once in a while is not so bad. It's when you make it a daily habit than it becomes a problem. The "tired excuse" is actually kinda stupid. When I'm tired, I go to bed. I don't hit a club.
kristinibenini kristinibenini 10 years
what exactly do you spend $3800 dollars on if you are not drinking at a BAR???? She really shouldn't worry - there is no way so can be as bad as brits gotten.
audreystar audreystar 10 years
i really love the color of that scarf too. just not with the red lips. i don't see her changing her lip color until her next metamorphasis.
Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt 10 years
Xtina looks so leggy in those black tights ______________________________________ ~~ I'm a hottie ducky! ~~
teddybear teddybear 10 years
I like Christiain's voice. She may show her *ss like many other artists but atleast she can sing. If she would take off the lipstick, darken the hair a little and tone up her legs she would be dam near perfect.
mar mar 10 years
and she was wearing drawers!
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
It doesn't make sense to say she wasn't wasted, then say "she's really little". If she's wasted after two drinks because she's so small, she's still wasted. Anyway, it's not like it matters. She wasn't driving.
notoriousrem_22 notoriousrem_22 10 years
nothing about her face is attractive and all the cake makeup she wears dosent help... "stay far from timid, only make moves when your hearts in it and live the phrase sky's the limit."
atoxicsparkle atoxicsparkle 10 years
i love those shoes!
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
Pretty scarf!!
SailorMarie SailorMarie 10 years
I'm kinda over the red lips...
mar mar 10 years
is she drunk here?
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