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Jenna2574223 Jenna2574223 5 years
Ok, just happening upon this, but first and and foremost, this woman is almost 37 years old. As far as most Americans go, any woman - let alone one who is overweight - would be LUCKY to be as fine as this woman is, and any man at 37 would be lucky to hit that - do you know why?? Because you can see in her eyes that she's not some ditzy, insecure, vacant creature who starves herself and works out like a maniac so that people won't judge her harshly. She's a grown ass woman, and really men - most of you are much worse in bed than you think you are so you have no business judging women solely on their looks, anyhow. A word of advice: find a woman who can love you despite the fact that you complain too much and don't know how to make a woman orgasm, instead of one who hits the gym every day and probably lays there like a mat during sex because she thinks she looks too good to have to try.
john123456 john123456 6 years
I don't find skinny sexy, but come on she is fat, out of shape , and unhealthy. Worst of all she wants to start having kids, she'll never be under 180 # again.
Hatter01 Hatter01 6 years
35% body fat is obese and she is certainly at least that fat. I am so tired of fat American women celebrating themselves as "normal and healthy". No, you aren't normal and healthy by world standards, you've just given up, like a lot of other fat Americans. By the way, her breasts are fake. See her B cups from her playboy pics. Her current big breasts are silicone (with a healthy layer of fat on top). Sad part is she continues to lie about that part. Totally lame.
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 6 years
Certainly not obese. While this is not the type of body I choose for myself, it's natural and a delight to see on this site.
vertes vertes 6 years
She has such a beautiful face! Her body looks real & womanly. She's got a book to read, not a tab mag. Stop with the "fat" attacks. We can, individually, somewhat control our shapes with food intake & physical activity. That's very personal & strangers shouldn't be so quick to complain about another person's appearance. That's just catty. Maybe jealous too.
hmweis1 hmweis1 6 years
GORGEOUS! Love this woman!
cfp cfp 6 years
I rarely comment on this site anymore because I am so sad about these anonymous postings but really, Pop, I think you need to do something about this. Type 2 diabetes? REALLY?! And calling others fat or obese for saying positive things about Christina Hendricks? I'm sorry but that is just disrespectful and NOT the tone I want to hear on this site. Just what we need, women attacking other women. As a very fit marathoner (who is not obese, to the rude anonymous posters)...I think she looks beautiful!
babaloo babaloo 6 years
Nice curves though I wouldn't be averse to seeing a little toning going on there, though she'd probably have a tough time putting down the cigarettes long enough to work out.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
Her weight gain was pretty even though. Its not like it was concentrated to her breasts. Her hips and thighs filled out too. She looks amazing. If she did get them done no judgement.
Hockey-Princess Hockey-Princess 6 years
Wow. Those are some niiiiice boobs.
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