Christina is on the cover of September's Seventeen magazine. In the issue she says she wants to open a shelter for victims of domestic abuse. Apparently she has already started by donating her personal belongings to shelters in Pittsburgh. Here's more:

"Some of these women leave their homes without anything," she said. "They just grab the kids and get out of the situation. And so a lot of these women have nothing, and they have to start from scratch." But beyond helping provide necessities, the singer says, it's also important to help rebuild their self-esteem — "because it's really broken after they've been beaten down for so long." Aguilera addresses the theme of domestic abuse on several songs on her new album, but her next single is more of a feel-good number called "Candyman."

Maybe this is part of her cleaner image. We love when celebs do good deeds so yay to Christina. As for these pics, she is looking a little sad and walking far from her man. Lots more of Christina and her man so