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Claire Danes' New Man

Claire Danes' New Man

We used to love Claire Danes. Then that whole weird Billy Crudup thing happened. You know, he was about to have a baby with the fabulous, Mary-Louise Parker and then he left her very pregnant to be with Claire. Well, now they are over and Claire is supposedly with British actor Hugh Dancy. You might remember him from Basic Instinct 2 (Oh right - no one saw that crappy movie). Anyway, evidently he's up and coming and Claire is smitten and doesn't care who knows. The only problem is he might be playing for both teams if you know what I mean. Here's more:

The handsome British actor is "the other man" in the Claire Danes/Billy Crudup breakup - although some might be surprised he hooked up with her and not him.

An eyewitness says Danes and Dancy got together Nov. 2, a month before the split with Billy.

According to the source, they shared a bed "with the door two feet ajar, and everybody listening" in his suite at the swanky hotel where the cast was staying while filming "Evening" in Newport, R.I.

But horny Hugh didn't limit his attention to the ladies.

"The cast was pretty much drunk every night," says the snitch. "Hugh also made out with [screenwriter] Michael Cunningham in the lobby."

Plus, he was seen snogging the gay hotel manager, who lost his job.

The problem with dating a bisexual is that you have twice as many people to compete with. As for Claire, maybe she should lay low for a while. We want to root for her again, but we haven't had many reasons to want to recently.


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