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Clooney and Cheadle to be Honored by Nobel Laureates

Two of Ocean's Thirteen, George Clooney and Don Cheadle, are set to be honored at the 8th World Summit of Nobel Laureates, Dec. 13–15 in Rome. This year, George, Don, and some of their other Ocean's castmates launched Not on Our Watch to raise awareness and money for Darfur during their festival movie premieres. After the circuit was over, they expected the charity would be, too, but instead found that they wanted to commit to the project. Now, luminaries such as President Carter and the Dalai Lama want to honor their efforts. Archbishop Desmond Tutu had this to say:

"I am always moved when I see artists such as George and Don use their positions to speak up for the most vulnerable of our fellow human beings. They have brought the suffering in Sudan into the awareness of millions, and have raised tens of millions of dollars to assist the victims of violence there. They inspire us all and show that every person, in every walk of life, can do something to help make the world a better place."

These days Hollywood is spending more time, energy, and money in its charity and awareness projects, but this time it's about some of the most important figures in the world honoring two movie stars. Both George and Don have been given awards all over the spectrum, but something tells me that this may be one of the most important of all.


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