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Bask in All the Angsty Hotness of Riverdale's Cole Sprouse

We've known Cole Sprouse for a long time. You may recognize him (and his twin brother, Dylan) from roles in Big Daddy, Friends, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but in recent years, things have changed. Now, Cole is an NYU graduate, and he's starring as Jughead Jones on The CW's Riverdale. This has yielded a lovely bromance with costar KJ Apa, a new "it" couple with Betty (Lili Reinhart), and a startling realization: that Cole is very, very broody and handsome. Join us on this thirst journey, won't you?

Image Source: The CW

Let's start with the broody Cole we all know and love.

O, Jughead, my Jughead . . .

Image Source: The CW

Here he is being just as bae in real life.

That hair! The suit! The swoop!

Image Source: Getty / Rob Kim

Get you a man who can do both, you know?

Jughead wears ties AND punk clothes. How 'bout THAT.

Image Source: The CW

The angle. The hair. The dewy glow.

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But like, in a smolder-y way.

Image Source: The CW

Just note them, OK?

Image Source: Getty / Dave Kotinsky

What did we even do to deserve this, right?

And in bitter Winter weather, no less.

Image Source: The CW

And we don't mean that in a condescending way. We love those sultry smolders, but also, look at this.

We'd still hang in that void though. (We were tempted to make a Fifty Shades of Grey joke, but you know what? There are only, like, four shades tops.)

Image Source: The CW

Look at that haul.

He's only making this face because you're telling him about your naggy boss and he's about to make some moves on the sly.

Image Source: The CW

Love a good smirk.

Just look at that furrowed brow. That determination. Let's pretend he's intently asking all of us on a date.

Image Source: The CW

Something like, "Are you a patriarchy? Because I find you smashing." We're working on it.


Image Source: The CW

Wet, shirtless, and smiling. You're welcome.

Image Source: The CW

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