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Colin Farrell Confronted by Crazy Woman

Colin Farrell was promoting Miami Vice on Leno last night and some crazy lady actually came up on stage to confront him. It wasn't just any woman, it was someone who sued Colin for harassment. Most women would beg to be harassed by Colin but maybe not back in his drunken days. Access Hollywood reports:

Dessarae Bradford, alleged in a small-claims lawsuit that Farrell stalked her with inappropriate calls and text messages, but her lawsuit against Farrell was dismissed.

On Thursday, Bradford was a studio audience guest at "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and surprisingly confronted him walking up to him on the stage. According to other audience members, Bradford left a copy of her self-published book, "Colin Farrell: A Dark Twisted Puppy" on Leno's desk.

According to a studio audience guest, Farrell calmly walked Bradford off stage and then, as she was escorted off the set, she shouted, "I'll see you in court" and Farrell retorted, "You're insane."

The poor guy has finally cleaned up his act, looks better than ever, and even handled an awkward situation with class. This is not the same drinking, dirty Colin from years past. Colin certainly cleans up well.

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