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bkrisbten bkrisbten 8 years
Sandyfeet ~ I totally agree with you. They are only answering questions that were asked. And if they didn't answer - people would criticize them for that. They can't win - no matter how much good they do. And yes - if you don't like them why do you keep reading?
miamia09 miamia09 8 years
They look 10+ older than they really are. and they tried too hard.
cooper cooper 8 years
They are looking weirder and weirder.
lexichloe lexichloe 8 years
It just bewilders me how Brad takes on the persona of every woman he's ever been with. He's an insecure guy.
Jatra Jatra 8 years
Because no one wants Jen Aniston in a interview. What is there to talk about she don't do enough. Who is going to interview her on laying out on the beach and tanning. I love her but truth hurts. Jen has vacation for about 3 years. The media is sick of the pity party Jen throws.
scout00 scout00 8 years
They even blab and sell their family when they don't have movies to promote. They never shut up about themselves, but claim its all for a good cause. Shoving yourselves down our throat is for a good cause? You mean the cause of promoting Brad and Angelina. Enough already. We know you're fabulous and down-to-earth. You have kids and save the world. Heard it about 5 million times now. I can't believe people accuse Jennifer Aniston of being a publicity hound. She's given like three interviews in 3 years. Not these two. They just go on and on and on and on and on. Fade away already.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 8 years
When promoting a film they are have a contract that they must give interviews. The interviewer will asked questions pertaining to the film and questions about their lives or any other topic. I saw the Oprah Show and Brad did not volunteer information pertaining to his children or Angelina, IT was Oprah that asked the questions. Don't be so judgemental. IMO they adopt whom they please. With their lifestyle and jobs it would almost be impossible to adopt children with special needs. I don't read the tabloids and rearly visit Pop, but it seems to me that same people that find them so obnoxious are constanly commenting on this couple. If they offend you so much why do you comment at all?
wildflower509 wildflower509 8 years
I've been reading "blind items" in other posts that the readers unanimously agree are about Angie and Brad. She is back on heroin, and he stays in bars till closing to get away from the bedlam at home. I'd come closer to believing that than to believe they are a couple who are in love with one another. I think the lust has left the rose....Time will tell. But, either way, i wish they'd stop flapping about personal matters then accusing others of dredging it up....publicity, it'a all about selling their newest bombs to the adoring fans so they can live well and "fade away" from making
ivanka ivanka 8 years
love love LOVE them !!!!!!!!!!!!! they are one of the best couple/parents!!
sherylynne sherylynne 8 years
I'm not a Brangelina-ite...I think it's great, some of the stuff they do, but they aren't any better or to be congratulated any more than the couple who adopted 18 medically fragile kids that nobody else wanted to take care of. I don't follow Brad and Ang but when I do run across stuff about their "hectic" lives or how wonderful they are, I think, dang, does the self-promotion never end? How about just going about your life like everybody else does and quit congratulating yourselves for being such "fabulous yet normal" people already.
Joanna Joanna 8 years
boring, boring, boring. Two old people playing the happy couple. Get married. Make your kids legal.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
I like the looks they're giving each other in this picture--cute.
cupcakers cupcakers 8 years
Yeah all they do is flaunt and talk about their personal life in the media. I am not much of a fan for these 2, I know they've done some good things for others but when it comes down to it I can't really respect them too much. I find Angelina's actions questionable at times.
badkitty badkitty 8 years
when do they NOT talk about their family? that would be newsworthy.....they always have a ton of stuff to say when they have movies to promote....why can't they just stick to the business of movies? i often wonder if brad pitt had left jennifer aniston for say, anyone else..would anyone really give a sh*t about angelina or brad??
bag100 bag100 8 years
But can they ever quit talking about themselves? Christ, some celebrities fight for privacy, and these two just blab on and on and pimp their kids out, even. They aren't all that. I mean, yeah, they have movies to promote so they're "selling" themselves, but still...I wonder if all the hype and attention went away, would they still be that interesting to each other? Just a thought.
Jatra Jatra 8 years
I'm not a Brad or Angie fan but even I can see how unfair people are to them. Sad that people can't be fair about this couple. They are in love and love their kids. Yet some people want to hate them. They do so much for the people in New Orleans that got my attention. It takes a lot for some one to give that much to people in need. I have friends in New Orleans, that are trying to help re-build NO. They said a lot of people there need as much help as any one can give them since the government really is not doing enough. I heard this couple is doing an awesome job there. They seem to have enough love and care to spread all over the world. I appreciate them. It's sad that the media wants to trash them for the sake of movies. Let them earn money for those movies because they seem to be giving it away to others in need. Now how can some one hate that. There that's all I got to say about them.
crazyone crazyone 8 years
love them
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