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jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
I guess it depends...we have natural mothers who kill their kids so that means shyt is love is love; period
jumpstart2 jumpstart2 8 years
I don't think it's really fair for Gisele to say she loves the baby as if it were her own...she doesn't know what it feels like to have a baby of her own...she may "THINK" she does, but there is no comparison to carrying a baby for 9 months...going through the delivery and the bond you share with that baby...There is no feeling in the world in having your own baby..Gisele doesn't know what this feels like...only what she "thinks" it feels like.
SUMMER285 SUMMER285 8 years
Isn't the dad supposed to be holding the kid, giving the boy affection and love that he needs to get from his dad not his woman?, this is rediculus, the kid already has a mother he needs a dad not another woman's, what are they trying to prove?
BDA BDA 8 years
Nicely said nadiap.Bridget clearly has no problem with Gisele caring for her step son or else she wouldn't allow Jack to travel to Costa Rica. Good for the three of them for working together to raise the child.
nadiap nadiap 8 years
No that's your narrow minded interpretation of her statement. You're Projecting your attributes onto her. She clearly said she understands he has a mom and she wants him to have a great relationship with his mon. So your ENTIRE comment exist in your LITTLE MIND. Secondly, Gisele gets followed by paps all the time and has been for YEARS. If the kid is with her he's gonna be photographed. So deal with it. As his stepmom she has a right to anwer a question about how she feels about him. Third, Bridget has talked about her Bady to the press. She announced her pregnancy in the NY Post. It was also announced in People magazine. She posed with him when he was just a few days old on the cover of OK magazine. She posed in Lingerie in front of crib in Harper's Bazar where she talked about him. So your claim that "Bridget doesn't" is a LIE. my suggestion to do some research BEFORE you speak still STAND. PS I'm sure by now you know I'm not a Brady fan so I couldn't care less if he'd stay with Bridget.
Shocking Shocking 8 years
She's totally using the kid to boost her popularity as "the good mom" even though she's NOT the mom. If she's so popular then why is she always bringing the kid into the press? ....because the press will eat it up??? Tom doesn't, Bridget doesn't....why does she? It sounds like in her little mind Bridget doesn't exist (or she would like her to be) and this is HER kid with Tom. Well sorry honey, it isn't so, so leave MOM & John out of the press and shut your trap.
nadiap nadiap 8 years
Huh PR for what?. She's been the TOP model in the world for nearly a decade, has traveled the world over, & has been on countless magazine covers all over the globe. She's more famous than Tom Brady. People in Europe and Brazil didn't know Who Tom Brady was. They don't play American Football. Soccer aka football is the most popular sport in the world. I suggest you do some research BEFORE you speak. For all the nonsensical BS she's been taking since she started dating Tom Brady, I hope he's worth it.
philosophia philosophia 8 years
Bridget and Tom's baby's name is John not Jack.
Shocking Shocking 8 years
Giselle has a nice body and ugly face. She's totally using the kid for PR. And when do you hear Tom talk about the kid? It's always Giselle and now she's trying to drum up more PR for herself. She should have kept her trap shut and not brought the son into the public eye again. And hey Giselle "THE KID HAS A MOM". Have your own kids or are you afraid you might gain some weight so you try and steal someone else's?
Stoned Stoned 8 years
I don't think Giselle has that great of a body. she has no curves
albamar albamar 8 years
Bridget just want jack to be happy and to have a good relationship with his dad and stepmom , jack is the most important man in bridget life and she get over Tom long time ago ..
Mellifluous Mellifluous 8 years
Giselle the Tranny is a huge success as a fashion model because the gay male fashion designers like girls who look like boys. Giselle does model clothing. Giselle treats Bridget Moynihan like a surrogate mother who gave birth to a baby for Giselle to raise. Giselle has the nerve to say she regards the child as "100% mine", as if Bridget does not exist.
Zarah Zarah 8 years
wow, she made some really inappropriate remarks. is she fluent in english? maybe she just said things poorly due to english not being her first language? also, still trying to figure out why this young lady is considered beautiful. saggy butt, no boobs, man hands, man face, stringy hair. ugly girls who are tall and thin do make the best fashion models, but this girl doesn't model clothing, she models underwear. if i'm gonna see you in your skivvies, i want some curves, some lush!
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