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Pink2022 Pink2022 7 years
she really does annoy me. She cannot act at all. This wig does look so bad- remind me of old men that spray on that stuff to make it look like they don't have a bald patch!
dootsie dootsie 7 years
All you Twilight fans make me LOL. You don't have to defend her hideous wig or swear that it won't affect the movie. Really, you don't! Her hair looks like crap. And it will look like crap ALL through the movie, undoubtedly. Probably to the point of being distracting to anyone who isn't swooning over the screen. No need to go on the defensive.
mickee mickee 7 years
Kristen is great actress... she is perfect Bella for me.
jettrocker jettrocker 7 years
"Kristen used extensions...but now because of her ugly - Joan Jett cut - had to use this. And Ashley Greene used it in all the movies." You've GOT to be kidding! Because Kristen's Joan Jett SHAG, not MULLET, doesn't fit into your little tiny box of what you think is beautiful, you call it UGLY? Wow, that's pretty harsh, huh? What you're really saying is that someone whom you obviously care and respect a lot (Kristen) makes very bed decisions regarding her determination and focus to really nail down a part in a film. You're telling her that she doesn't fit into your beauty box. If you had read the script, the hair may have made a lot more sense to you. Joan Jett's character was hungover a lot and going through a lot of hard times. Those times Kristen looked "hungover" and "like a boy" and "strung out" was because that's what Joan was going through. I guess she did a pretty good job then, huh? It's not all about haircuts and looks, is it? It SHOULD be about acting and craft and talent to care enough about a character to do what it takes.... even the ridicule of monsters that wouldn't know what style and substance was even if it came in the form of Kristen Stewart playing the toughest, most head strong and deep role of her career. I bet Charlize Theron got a LOT of flack for her makeUNDER as Aileen Wournos in the movie, Monster. She gained 50 pounds and had crooked teeth fitted around her beautiful ones to capture the part of a prostitute serial killer. In case you forgot, she won Best Actress that year for her role in Monster. I'm saying think about your words and what they mean and who they effect. Is it really about the hair? Why not focus on the positive aspect? Kristen's dedication to her acting and getting that part absolutely spot on. Mikey
jhilly123 jhilly123 7 years
Haha, when I first was about to click on the link to this album, I thought it was Taylor Lautner's terrible wig. Should have read further... but shows how bad the wig is. If half their cast wear wigs, you'd think they'd spend some money to get it right...
Burkina Burkina 7 years
It wont affect her acting. She doesnt act anyway. She says lines, looks down, does a little shrugging and stammering to come off as emotional...
ashln ashln 7 years
yuck! i hate when hair and makeup puts actresses in obviously fake wigs!
kh312 kh312 7 years
Am i the only one the KS rubs the wrong way? she gets on my nerves!
Celestina1 Celestina1 7 years
This pic' is oooold!! I said it before & I repeat it now... WTF with this wig?????!!!! It seems like non of this movie actors commit to their roll, because most of them are wearing wigs...while most of the regular actors cut, dye or use extensions for their part. Example...Nikki dyed her hair in Twilight, but in NM & Eclipse...she's wearing a wig. Also P. Facinelli... Kristen used extensions...but now because of her ugly - Joan Jett cut - had to use this. And Ashley Greene used it in all the movies. My point is...if she didn't had another choice...why they didn't make her a better non extremely fake looking wig?!??!
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