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Idaaa Idaaa 7 years
guys,get over it! be cool don't say nasty things about her it's not nice to talk about someone like that,she's great,you just have to open your eyes that's all,then you can see her beauty and everything she has,it's just you're blind,and rob is just cool when he's with kristen.
Piz Piz 7 years
I hope Robsten had a happy thanksgiving. I'm thankful for so much but most especially for my family and health. But I'd like to thank the Pattinson family and England for ROBERT. lol
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
lord the twihards are hilarious.
chile68 chile68 7 years
I love Rob and Kristen seems to be like a nice girl and she is very beautiful!! If they are dating great and if they are not great too. As long as they are happy together,I am happy. Just let them be!! :)
Pampire Pampire 7 years
* love them as in the twilight cast* I better clarify that!
Pampire Pampire 7 years
This thread is hilarious! Some people just like to get a rise out of others. Anyway I love them, they all seem like well grounded, down to earth people. ;)
naline naline 7 years
@1 Taylor loves the attention.. He is just another pretty hollywood boy.. That is why i love Rob and Kris they are not like other hollywood wannabes.. They are so UNIQUE!
naline naline 7 years
I love Rob and Kristen.. I love them together..
twinutter twinutter 7 years
c'mon.. why the total kristen hate? just because she's getting all the whole world's attention esp the paps~ though she's not into it, stars in a movie saga by which every person in every sides of the earth are dying to see and earn millions, and hangs out with the guy everyone dreams about??? ..Oh, i get it....
mickee mickee 7 years
Kristen is so beautiful, I love her. She looked so much better in New moon.
Peace! Kristen is cool, rob too and taylor too DONE.
XDTwilighterXD XDTwilighterXD 7 years
Oh and those of you who call Kristen names and call her ugly because of how she dresses so her looks or hair...yeah HI Hears your message FUCK YOU leave her alone she looks perfect those shades are soo 90's and look good God people you and your critizism..its sooo unneccessary!!
XDTwilighterXD XDTwilighterXD 7 years
you people should just get a life and stop being allways in her bussiness...most especially the papps...they need to get a life and leave Robsten alone God maybe if you people would shut the fuck up just just one minute and maybe just maybe Robsten would say at leats something bout there relationship but everybodys so caught up in judging it rediculous god leave them and alone and you mite get won't if all you people do is talk and gossip just leave them alone and let them be God Team Robert/Edward (so me) Team Kristen/Bella (so me) Team Taylor/Jacob (4get about it he's haawt but not my team)
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