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Congrats Chloe!

We were cheering for Daniel V but Chloe was our next choice so it's not a total disappointment. All three of the collections were beautiful but I definitely liked Daniel's the best. I think his clothes are the most wearable and I really wanted to buy that white coat - it was gorgeous.

Santino was a fun character to watch, kind of like Jay last season, but we did not want him to win. He was a little too cocky for our taste. Chloe is cute and she can clearly make great clothes for women but I am not into all the puffy sleeve and shrug pieces in her collection. I think Project Runway played it a little safe by having her win. They made it pretty clear they wanted someone a little more experienced and someone who was business savvy. Chloe had both where as Daniel still has plenty of time to learn more since he is so young. Hopefully he will take Michael Kors up for his job offer. Btw, Heidi looked fabulous. Here's to waiting for season 3 to begin.


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