Courteney premiered her latest project Dirt at the Paramount Theatre In LA this weekend. She was not only supported on the red carpet by her husband David, but by her newly single BFF Jennifer as well. We've been excited about Dirt ever since we first heard the topic (tabloid editor) and star (Ms Cox) so we have high expectations. As for the non-stop Friends reunion rumors, well, Courteney spoke a bit about it with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush. Here's more:

"Jennifer [Aniston] and I talk about it because we love each other and we hang out all the time. Why not do it? Will it happen? It's a lot of different people to get into the room, its a whole big thing, so the chances of it happening is so slim. But would Jennifer and I? Sure, we'll eat some turkey together."

Sounds promising…but don't set your Tivo just yet.

"We are not doing it. Don't print we are doing it." Courteney warned Billy.

"It sounds to me its an option," Billy replied. "I'm not saying you're doing it. You're saying that "we might".

"No," Courteney clarified, "I said ‘we would'. I didn't say ‘might'."

But how big is the difference between "might" and "would" really? Bigger than you'd think.

"There is a big difference! ‘Might' means ‘possibly' and ‘would' means ‘would'. There is no ‘could'."

OK, so we won't hold our breath for a Friends reunion but it looks like they had a little one at the Dirt screening. For more pics of the gang including the Arquette family, Helen Hunt, Matthew Perry and more of Jen and Courteney just

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