Yay! Finally a Friends reunion of sorts. Courteney Cox has revealed that her good friend and People's Choice Winner, Jennifer Aniston will make a guest appearance on her new show Dirt. We still have to watch last night's episode from our TiVo since we were too busy with the PCA's but we can't wait to watch this show mature. The pilot was OK but we never judge too much on the first episode. Anyway, here's more:

"We talk about it all the time,” Cox, 42, tells Extra in an interview scheduled to air on Wednesday. “What kind of character she should play, should she play herself or should we write some great thing for her…She'll come on for sure!"

Aniston said she’s game for the cameo. “I would love to – if I was invited," she revealed to Extra. "Just to be able to work with my girl again! We have talked about it, we’ve danced around it.”

We love that these girls are BFF in real life also. As for Courteney, she just gets better looking every time she makes an appearance. For more pics of Courteney looking beautiful at the TCA tour in Pasadena