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Courtney's Mother and Daughter

Courtney's Mother and Daughter

The good news for Courtney is that she has won custody of Frances Bean. Love may have won her daughter back based on her recent good behavior but she still can't dress. Check out her outfit below. Ick.

The bad news is that this week Courtney's mother is releasing her book called "Her Mother's Daughter: A Memoir of the Mother I Never Knew and of My Daughter, Courtney Love." This reminds me of why Jennifer Aniston stopped talking to her mother for a decade. The LA Times has a review of the memoir which actually has Love's mother try to defend why her daughter may seem so screwed up. She seem to be taking the a little bit of the blame for the craziness we have all seen. I wonder how Courtney will react to the specifics in the book like saying her daughter "sets fires and reads porn at age 9, is expelled from nearly every school she attends and insists at 16 she be legally emancipated from her parents, only to end up a stripper living on the streets."

Let's hope Frances turns out OK. So far so good, but she is still super young.

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