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Courtney's Two Big Frock Faux Pas

Courtney's Two Big Frock Faux Pas

First things first, I have no idea what's going on in this photo. I've been staring at it for hours and literally. No. Idea. No idea how that dress is staying up. No idea why she's wearing drapes from the early 90's as a strapless dress (especially where there is zero girl-wrangling in the house. See, they're clearly trying to escape) with a matching mini blazer. No idea why this seemed appropriate for an Oscar's after-party. None. Moving on (kind of), another of Courtney's weekend outfits is causing quite the stir too, but in a completely different way. Remember the little French maid-y number she wore to Paris' birthday? It's making one Mr. Karl Lagerfeld very, very unhappy...

Courtney's party dress appeared to be a Chanel frock that debuted on the runway last month, matching fingerless gloves and all. The only problem is, the single sample of the dress remains in Courtney's is an imitation. Karl, who designs for Chanel is supposedly "furious" while the fashion house as a whole is "concerned clients might mistake the fake for the real thing, despite the less-than-couture-level workmanship." Love's rep says he's still unsure which stylist sent the dress her way. Chanel hasn't decided whether they will do anything about the issue. Yikes, something tells me it's not pleasant to be on Karl's (or Chanel's for that matter) bad side.

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