Looks like the Lakers newest little fan, who also happens to be the cutest thing ever, got some front row seats to this weekend's game. David gave Courteney the night off and got courtside seats for his favorite little girl, Coco. The Cox-Arquettes should find it easier to go to more games, now that they are evidently tired of Malibu and moving back towards LA. It seems like all the celebrities are moving out of Malibu this year. Perhaps they realized that the 'bu is just too far of a commute to Hollywood.

Courteney has been known to make bank on the many houses she buys and flips. The Cox-Arquettes bought this one of a kind architectural masterpiece for $10.5 million but it's now on the market for $33.5 mil!!! The house was designed by John Lautner and has four bedrooms, 5 baths and an 80-foot beachfront area. I wonder who the new lucky owners will be. To see more of Daddy David and the cute Coco, just